Thursday, January 11, 2018

Our Life As It Has Been...

For the sake of journaling and family history, and of course- for the Grandmas' enjoyment, here is a bunch of photos and blurbs of what we have been up to for the last half-a year.

*Please note: I make no guarantees to the frequency of future postings. Life has taken too many sharp turns for us lately, and I'm just trying to keep our "car" on the road. Thus blogging, and most other extras in my life, have taken a back seat in priorities. But- we're happy! What more can a person really ask for right?

So lets start with the most recent and work our way back:


The boys competed in the Junior Triathalon. It was Tustin's third year in the race and Kimball's first. After pushing himself super hard last year-- (and puking across the finish line)- Tustin opted to be less competitive this time around and take it easy. With that in mind- they were not fast, but still smiled the whole race, and that's all a mom can ask for.
1. Flew to Dallas for the BYU/OKLAHOMA game. ( Thanks again Grandpa Ralph!) The Cowboys new stadium is awesome and we loved the enormous jumbo-tron. I don' think I ever enjoyed a football game more. And BYU even won! It was great fun.
-We took the boys down to see the "Sixth Floor Museum," which documents the assassination of JFK.

-The Dallas World Aquarium was great. We loved how up close all the animals were.

- The kids were convinced that in Texas everyone would be a cowboy. Kimball was a little dissapointed that Texas had regular people, but they all enjoyed doing "cowboy stuff," like riding the mechanical bull and eating fried pickles!

2. The first day of school & Laura's first day of Kindergarten. She could not have been more excited. I can't believe my baby is gone....


Attended the Larkin family reunion in St. George. In 13 years of marriage it was the first one we'd been able to attend. I was so impressed with how organized they are. The kids swam, caught craw-dads, made crafts, jumped in the bounce house and giant slide and had so much fun with all their cousins.

Both Stanton and I love St. George. We each have great childhood memories of visiting our Grandparents there and playing with our own cousins. It was nice to drive the kids around and show them all the "hot spots" we enjoyed at their age. And to go to the cemetary and tell them stories about their grandparents.
Stanton's summer beard! Love it!

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Another School Year Comes to an End

It is our first week of summer. Yippee!!!

I have friends and family who have been knee deep in their summer-time fun for a month already- but we are just barely starting our adventures.

Warren is celebrating warm weather by stripping his clothes and diaper off every chance he gets. Seriously! This is a real issue around here. He strips down all day! I can't get him to stay clothed, and I find him in his birthday suit every time I turn my back. Sometimes I put him to bed- only to find him happily sleeping in the nude a few hours later. He prefers to eat his meals this way, play with his toys, watch TV....I'm convinced he would be happiest if we went to Target and to Sunday church meetings clothing-free as well...

I have a year or two, at least, to break him of this habit before others find it too disturbing, right?

The school year ended with all the usual excitement of end of the year performances and shows. The kids all did well at their piano recital. Tustin said my Doterra Balance oil blend on his neck totally relaxed him and melted away his nerves. Love it!

Kimball had his final elementary school orchestra and choral concerts. I'm really glad that he chose to play the cello. Even when a beginner plays it, those low tones are relaxing and nice. ( Not so much with the violin- which is what Laura has chosen to study at school. Those sounds will take some getting used to!)

For his graduation present we gave him the Old Spice WolfHorn T-shirt. He thinks it is the coolest thing ever. It makes me laugh every time.

Kimball's collage about himself in the graduation film. 
I love that he is so open with everyone about his religion and beliefs. 

  Laura had her 3rd grade recorder concert. I was actually really impressed what a bunch of  eight and nine  year-olds could do with that piece of plastic. They were pretty good. I had to laugh when they played/sang "My Heart Will Go On," from Titanic. Will that song ever die? Too funny. (Sadly- I don't have a picture of that. My photo skills are sub par at best!)

Tustin graduated from Middle School and is off to high school next year. How did that happen?  Only four more years until he leaves home for college and then a mission? The time we get with our kids is so short! It's very sad.

                      After graduation we went to the barbers for our summer haircut. I'm liking it short....

Laura had two dance recitals this year. Her ballet studio performed an Alice in Wonderland Suite. (She was a red rose), and the studio where she takes Irish dance had another recital production. I loved watching the Irish dance. So much fun! I miss doing that.. I guess I should dust off my shoes and Laura and I can annoy the boys around here all summer with some Jigs and reels in the living room.

Anyway, the recitals were a lot of fun- but it became very clear that both my daughter's studio directors are in need of production management in a BIG way! There is NO youth dance recital that should last more than 2 hours. And I think that each number within the production should max out at 3 minutes. The shortest dance recital we had  this year was 3 hours long- and one of them was 3 hours and 45 minutes!Nearly 4 hours!! Many of the dances were over 5 minutes long! It was crazy!  I LOVE dance! It is one of my favorite things. But- there is just only so many minutes that ANY person can endure sitting in a dark theater watching beginner and intermediate dancers perform- over and over again. . We all love to see our kids perform- but not for 240 minutes straight!!

By the 2 hour mark, every performance seemed to just blur with the next, my rear and legs were asleep, and I could no longer enjoy much of it.  I found myself counting the numbers in the printed program over and over again- just hoping that the total number would somehow diminish. They did not.

Sadly- by allowing the performance timing to get so out of control- the directors stole some of the magic away. At the end of a show, parents should be glowing with excitement and proud of what their kids have done. They should be buzzing about the entrance waiting for their adorable little sequin-donned performers to come out, so they can hug them and congratulate them for a spectacular job... At the end of these shows, the parents looked a little rung out and worse for wear! By the last hour, only half the audience was even left! Grandparents and relatives who didn't have to be there anymore had slipped out, anxious to get home to their beds to recover! that's off my chest.....I feel much better about it. Happy Summer everyone! (Mom, I promise I am going to do better about updating this for you.)

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Best Cake Ever!

Yesterday was my birthday and I am ever closer to middle does that happen so quick? (I've been organizing  and cleaning out some boxes from the attic this week and I found all the scrapbooks I made in high school and college. It doesn't seem like that was all that long ago- but I  graduated high school 20 years ago!  And I now have a son entering high's sort of surreal they way time passes.)

So, with my birthday and all, my husband organized a little dinner and party with the kids. It was great- but the highlight of my birthday? My cake. Tustin, my 13-year-old had the honor of frosting the cake- and it was priceless! Just thinking about that cake makes me smile. So, so funny.

He has quite the flair for pastry decor don't you think?
Out of all the cakes ever made for me, I think this one will be my favorite.

Friday, November 09, 2012

New Discoveries

I'm testing out this BlogPress app on my phone. My blogging consistency has taken a major dive--so we shall see if being able to post from my phone helps at all. It may just be that I have lost my mo-jo with this family journaling. That would be sad for our future posterity, as I'm sure the day-to-day happenings of our lives will be high on their list of favorite reads. Right? ....
I stepped outside the kitchen for a moment while Warren was eating his breakfast today. Upon returning, I found him happily feasting on Nutella and Peanut Butter, leftover on the counter from his siblings lunch-making. He was in hog heaven and very pleased with himself. I must agree with him though- I would take spoonfuls of Nutella over cereal any day

I think I'm going to have a problem on my hands though. He knows where I keep this stuff, so I imagine I'm going to find him sitting at the counter smeared with ooey goodness more than once a day.

Dont you just love that-just woke up, hair crazy, still slightly smushed up face look- that babies have in the morning? I do.
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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Some of our latest....

1. Warren got sick with that Coxsackie Virus, that was running rampant in my neighborhood and ward, due to the fact that it is super contagious. Lovely! The poor kid was covered with awful sores and blisters all over his legs, hands, feet and even his face and mouth. He seemed to get it the worst out of everyone I knew. We were miserable and quarantined for about 5 days. He's healthy and happy now, but has scabs all over him that are taking forever to heal. Even on hot days, I keep him in pants to avoid the creepy stares people give us!

I've been told that most all my kids must have had it before, and just never had outward symptoms....maybe just a random fever or something. It stands to reason that Warren would be my one to get it full blown like this. He gets everything!

It is supposed to be like chicken pox. Once you've had it, you are immune. I hope they are right.

2. Laura had her ballet recital. She was one of the fish caught in a net by the sorceress. It was very cute.

3. Tustin officially became a teenager. I'm still a tad taller than him, but I'm sure he will be looking down on me any day now. Teenage boys grow like crazy! Its the weirdest phenomenon to witness. Overnight growth spurts seem to be the norm. And they are always hungry!

He is my biggest helper with Warren. I'm not sure I would have kept my sanity this last year if not for him. I can always rely on him to hold the babe, play with him and even change diapers and get him to sleep. I'm a lucky, lucky mom.

I can't post any pictures of our summer happenings yet because we are still in school!! New York tortures us for another 4 days. Lame!!! Every year when we trudge away until the end of June I get so annoyed!

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Location:Dance Recital etc.

Here are a few things making me smile this morning.....

----Laura, (my child who lives her life through song), is parading the house singing the National Anthem. However, she really only knows the first couple of lines, and the first one she sings like this.....

" Oh you say you can see!..."
( now if you are not clear as to what is a little off there.....then you might want to brush up- along with Christina Aguilera!).

----Second, my oldest keeps sneaking my phone and changing my home screen picture to crazy photos of himself or that when I go to turn it on, I am surprised by whatever he has stuck there. It's one of his favorite pranks. This morning when i picked up my phone, i was greeting by this:

It totally freaked me out! Now I cant stop laughing. I might even leave it there until his next crazy photo is posted, because it makes me smile every time.

---and last, warren helped me make brownies for Kimball's class picnic yesterday and he thoroughly enjoyed himself...

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Wednesday, April 18, 2012


My boys share a small room and no matter how often I try and weed it for the inevitable trash and junkpiles of "important treasures," they quickly and magically reestablish themselves once I leave the room. (Do other people's children hoard bags of lame plastic toys from the dentist's treasure boxes? Or ziplocks full of easter candy from 2-3 years past? How about the store packaging from toys they no longer even play with? My boys are convinced these things might come in handy someday....)

In addition to all the lame stuff they hold onto, between the two of them they have quite a number of books and Lego sets. ( If your own kids are into Legos, you know that each set, once assembled is most precious and needs a place of honor!)

Where to put all this stuff without it looking like a constant clutter mess has been an issue for us. I installled some shelving above their dresser and that made a small dent, but what they really needed was a BIG bookcase. Unfortunately, I learned after a few attempts that our narrow hallway prevented anything over 6 feet tall from getting through he door.

So..... After being inspired by one of my favorite blogs, "sawdust and papers raps," I decided to build a big built-in bookcase myself. I forgot

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Thursday, April 12, 2012

A thankless job

Today I watched the news and now I am ticked off! See- this is why I don't normally watch the news. It so often ruins my day. I freely admit that because I rarely watch the news I am thus ignorant on many issues. Sue me!! I just cannot handle the daily barrage of negative, negative negative!!!

Take for instance the lovely information I was given today while watching NBC news- all within the first 20 minutes!----

- 2 young boys are missing in NJ,
- an eleven year old girl was sexually groped by a passing stranger when she was out on the sidewalk in her neighborhood in Queens,
-there was a shooting in Harlem... 2 people are dead.
- and to top it all off?-An idiotic and  self-important politician named Hilary Rosen had the nerve to say that because Mrs. Romney had been a stay at home mom, she has "never worked a day in her life!!!!!"

I could spit fire people!

What's worse? When confronted with her ridiculous statement she "clarified" by saying that stay at home moms just aren't aware of today's economic issues. Aren't aware??!!! Only women who go to work are aware of economic issues??!! That statement is so outrageously stupid!!! Aaaaagghhh! If I were in the same room with this woman I might resort to violence!!!

I would guess that Ms. Rosen felt liberated in making such a  comment because Mrs. Romney is wealthy. That is a hollow justification  for implying that motherhood isn't work-  or that it is somehow ONLY work for women who are also employed outside the home. I am so sick of the politics that vilify people for no other reason than that they are successful. Yes- the economy is screwed up right now. We all agree!  But  having money means her experience as a stay at home mom has no value?  Having money means that she doesn't know how to struggle or work? Being wealthy makes staying home to raise her children easy? I don't think so!!

Women who in one breath tout their beliefs that women should have equal rights and choices, and then in the next breath spew insults  at women who make  different choices than their own deserve a good ole fashioned spanking.....with a big ole wooden spoon!

Yes- I stay home with my kids. Now-- I could list all the things I do in a day to somehow try and prove that I actually do work and that my existence has value- but the three of you who read this are also stay at home moms and don't need to read it.

Motherhood is a hard and mostly thankless job- whether you stay at home or not! It is also the best and most important job that any woman can do...

Just my opinion people! This is my blog after all. :)!


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