Sunday, October 29, 2006

What are fancy pants?

Two years ago my daughter Laura was born. She is as girly as they come and loves big bows, frilly dresses, dolls and of course- shoes! I love it, love it, love it! It has been such a nice change from the cars, trains, dinosaurs and war games that my boys are immersed in.

Anyway, she is my third child and quite possibly my last- which would make her my only girl. ( whether we will have a fourth child is a current "discussion" in our household- and the conceding party is yet to be determined) That being said, I find myself wanting to dress her in what I consider "ultra-cute" and I often leave the stores empty handed because of it. What I want just isn't around. ( well-what I really should say is that it isn't around in my price range) .

Now, I have a beautiful younger sister who has an ultra-cute daughter of her own and she directed me to the custom-handmade section of toddler clothing on ebay last spring. Wow!- this is the mecca of adorable outfits and just what I was looking for.

However, I have never been one to pay high prices for something I think I can make myself. Fortunately, I have a passion for sewing. Someday, when the hereditary arthritis kicks in and I can no longer create something on my machine everyday I will be heartbroken. ( I'm counting on the medical masters to create a potion for me by then). So, I began sewing. Since then Laura has been decked out in a complete wardrobe of what has been dubbed "Fancy Pants." In fact, I can hardly bear to put a pair of pants on her that don't have some sort of ruffle, fringe or embellishment.

Fancy pants- I love 'em. They make me smile. Posted by Picasa

I swore I would never do this

I am technically challenged. It's embarrassing in today's world of internet and high-speed everything. I shy away from fancy phones because I can't for the life of me remember how to use all the functions on my basic model. I never learned how to type and my personal method of creating digital text is probably quite entertaining to a keyboard master. I marginally know how to create a document in Word and can only navigate the internet successfully because of my friend Google and my patient husband who constantly is fixing the many computer emergencies I create. Everyime I get one of those catologs from the local community colleges touting their wares in adult classes I promise myself that I will do my family a favor and sign up for one of those "computers for dummies classes," but like most things in my life it gets put on that eternal list of things I'm going to do..........probably in another life.

I have only recently heard about this thing called a "blog." Little did I know that many of my close friends were involved in this modern day phenomenon. Of course, I swore I would never do this for two reasons- one I couldn't imagine coming up with the free time to write anything and two, I assumed it would be technically way over my head- and trying to figure the process out would just embarrass me further.

But, here I am writing my first post- and it is true what my friends say- the blogging people- (whoever they are), have made it very easy for the computer dummies like me to participate.
If nothing else- this should be a good spot for all my family to check in and see what we're up to way out here in the frigid east. And if they never check- in, well it will just be a spot for me to vent about daily life and of course to post pictures of my latest pair of fancy pants!


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