Friday, November 03, 2006

halloween stress

What can a mom do to make Halloween a stressful occasion? (You can always count on me to have the keys you need to make any day more stressful.) You choose to do a whole lot of unnecessary work- like make your kids costumes.

This year Tustin wanted to be Mace Windu( never mind that that particular Jedi is played by Samuel Jackson- a bald African American) and Kimball opted for Obi Won Kenobi. A smart mom would have then gotten online and ordered those costumes so that they would have arrived fresh, new and ready to wear- but not me- I decide to make them. Again- more stressful that way!

First of all, fabric stores are few and far between around here, ( don't get me started on how mad I am that the new Walmart down the road decided not to have a fabric department-what were they thinking? I can't even go there now out of principle. I'm so ticked!) so just getting the fabric is a chore. Once I'd done that, (and decided that Laura should be Holly Hobbie because the pattern was so cute) I had to start sewing. Now I can sew "sassy sacs" and "fancy pants" all day and never get bored- but Jedi wear just doesn't give me any thrills and the costumes are quite involved. I was so glazed over by the time I finished that I told Stanton to forget being Darth Vader- I wasn't going to sew another thing. He agreed to be something boring like a baseball player which would require no work on my part but I know that he was secretly heartbroken over not getting to sport the uniform of the boys' nemesis. ( again- being a high stress Mom it didn't occur to me to go and buy the darn thing- maybe I should change that to just Stupid Mom)

Anyway, I finished the costumes and they turned out great. Besides the fact that Tustin was dissapointed he didn't get real Jedi boots to wear as well- they were happy with what they got. Oh- and Laura hated the bonnet. I got her to keep it on for a few pictures and after that it was long gone. When we went Trick-or-Treating, most people had no idea what she was. The bonnet really makes the look. Oh well.

Stanton and I were invited to a Halloween party at The Powells, so again I had to stress about our costumes. Luckily I had a chance stop at Marshalls (great store by the way) .
They had a slew of costumes for 50% off the sale price, and as I was rummaging through I came upon a deluxe Darth Vader costume for a total price of ten dollars! ( minus the mask) I was also inspired by a faux fur blanket that would be a perfect cape for a snow princess- thus my costume idea. My joy of creating returned making that one. ( a tiara, some marabou, glitter etc. etc...) Princesses are way more fun to create than Jedis I tell you! Stanton was so excited for the costume. He took a trip to a store to get a mask and returned with gloves and a light saber as well. I love the kid in him.

Anyway, we had a great time, and now I'm breathing easy until the next Holiday I can unnecessarily amp up the stress levels with. Posted by Picasa


Jenni said...

i love, love, love it! holly hobbie is very original, she was my idol at one point. i love it all..."love the shoes, love the purse!" to quote Rupert Everett in My Best Friend's Wedding.

lisapow said...

Your sewing skills are amazing! I found you blog - yippee - another fun blogger!


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