Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Kids- you have it good so NO Complaining!

We took a weekend trip to Washington D.C. this past weekend. (I would post pictures of our adventures to the museums and other sites but, in a classic Amanda move, I forgot to charge our camera's battery or bring the spare.) One day my kids will probably complain that I'm boring, and I never take them anywhere fun and, because of the lack of pictures, I will have no way to prove otherwise! So, in case they ever go back and read some of these posts when they are older, --- Kids, this weekend we were good parents! Not only did we take a trip with you, we bought you McDonalds, took you to see that Air and Space Museum with all the planes and even the Natural History Museum to see the Dinosaurs and IMAX movie about sharks. And being that those activities are educational too- we should get extra bonus points and you'd better turn out to be well-rounded, socially acceptable adults!


Lindsey said...

I'm jealous! We were going to do all of the same things over Veteran's Day, but we ended up staying home.

I always tell Lilly that I'm the one who should be crying and having tantrums because she has no idea how easy life is for her.

Denise said...



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