Wednesday, November 08, 2006

My passion for Santa Claus

Yesterday we didn't have school because of Parent/Teacher conferences(whatever), so I thought it would be a nice oppportunity to chalk up some mommy bonus points. So I took the kids to the movies. We went to see Santa Clause 3. Now I have read some bad reviews of this movie from disgruntled adults because of it's low-grade acting or mushy feel-good storyline. Hello!- it's a kids movie. You cannot judge it with an adult eye-it wasn't made for you. I for one am easily entertained. Was it as good as the first Santa Clause? No- but who really cares. For close to two hours my kids sat still in the dark and were happy- and that meant I could relax and enjoy doing absolutely nothing. Well, I did go the extra mile and hand them a nasty half-frozen hot dog and some left-over halloween candy-they were good to go! ( yes, the Nathan's hot-dogs from the Cinema-De-Lux were not cooked-even partially, but since I was relaxing and all -I was too lazy to go and complain). So I have my bonus points and I'm feeling good.

Seeing this movie has gotten me thinking about the whole "Santa Claus" thing at our house. I am a sucker for Santa Claus. I love him- or the idea of him. ( how can you not love a plump, cheery bearded guy who brings you presents and wears soft velvet fancy pants!) I will do everything in my power to get my children to be believers until they are adults themselves. This is hard work- especially when there are non-believing children in their classes at school trying to ruin my fun! ( don't they know that Santa doesn't come to your house if you don't believe in him? Faith, people! Faith! ) I have gone to great lengths to keep this up. Santa often writes my kids letters, and even when we haven't been in town over Christmas, when we return, somehow Santa has left his goodies for us. I love to see the look of wonder and awe on my kids faces as they discuss how this magic happens and what Santa will bring them. I remember that feeling I had as a little girl. Just thinking about it gets me all warm and fuzzy. This is some of the magic and wonder of Christmas. Santa is part of the Spirit of giving. And NO- I don't think it masks the true meaning of Christmas and promotes greed! So don't Bah Humbug me!! I'm having fun! ( Stanton/Scrooge- I'm talking to you there.)

I must say though that being such a Santa zeolot has created a dilemna for me. My boys are sure that if something is too big, too expensive, or too violent for mom to get them that it's no problem! -they will just ask Santa for it. If it's too big, Santa can magically shrink it to fit into the sleigh. If it's too expensive- Santa will just have the elves make it. So what to do? I have slowly been inserting the idea that Santa will never give kids a toy their mom doesn't want them to have- but now I realize that if they don't get that gigantic battery powered ride on tractor thing and Hummer they've got their eyes on- they will know it's because mom ruined it! Santa couldn't give them what they wanted because of scroogy mom. I have only one choice- (being that there is no way I'm getting my kids some ridiculously expensive ride -on machine that I have no place to store and would make it permanently impossible to ever park the real car in the garage) and that is to write them a letter from Santa himself- one that absolves me completely of any blame. Maybe he will be concerened with the environment/ozone layer and wish not to promote the use of large SUV's or there could be a deadly accident involving an elf and a child-size Hummer, whereupon Santa outlaws the building of all such toys. Whatever it is, I need to come up with it soon so they can get started on a new list- one that doesn't involve taking over the garage with kid-vehicles.

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Jenni said...

can you have santa send that same letter to our kids? thanks. stanton's a scrooge??!! i never would have guessed!


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