Sunday, November 12, 2006

Self Proclaimed Cuteness- we all need it!

Again, I'm new to this whole blog thing and the more I look at other peoples' the more stupid I feel. How do you people make yours so detailed? You have links and pictures and fancy things! It took me an entire week to figure out how to put a picture from the web on-( which you'll notice is next to this post. I'm very proud of it.) I thought it was a fitting image for how I'm feeling about this blog experience.

You see, in my family we have learned a certain trick from my younger sister Leslie. No matter how bad your day was or how bad you might be feeling about yourself, you must always take the time to stop by a mirror and say, "Dang, I'm cute." It will make you smile- if only to laugh at yourself temporarily. And laughter has amazing power to change ones mood. I've tried it many times actually, and although I know I'll never be as cute as my sister- that's OK. It's still a good little trick and one that I plan on passing on to my children. Everyone needs a moment of self proclaimed cuteness. I think I'm cute- you should think you are too!


lisapow said...

Exactly why I put the "Beautiful" song on my cell phone. What girl doesn't want her phone telling her "Your Beautiful....your Beautiful its true..." every time her phone rings. Good job on the picture and links on the side - you are learning quick. You will get it down in no time.

Neeneepenzer said...

I think your blog is great...and lets face it...posting is harder than it seems. I still don't get around to posting pics on mine! And I've been blogging awhile.


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