Sunday, December 31, 2006

The fancy-pants party- Over?

Look at the pictures here and notice the depressing transformation. Where once there was "fancy pants"- there is now blah! My glory days are over! I have been spending the last year relishing in the fact that my daughter will happily where whatever adorable outfit I put together for her. Now, out of nowhere and for no reason she has decided she will only where ugly, ratty stretch pants and t-shirts, which in her mind equals "jammies." (Oh- and she must wear princess dress-up shoes to finish the lovely number.)This has really effected me in a negative way. I know that I should not be wrapped up in my daughters appearance, but I am not that big of a person. Over the course of a seven-day period we have had a number of tearful battles over this.

My two boys ( 7 and 5) have always been such stick-in-the-muds when it comes to fashion. They won't wear shirts with buttons, collars, or stripes. Nothing but t-shirts, sweatpants and jeans- and even those have to be just right. If they are the slightest bit uncomfortable they will turn up their noses. Oh how I have wished I could have some family photos with my boys donning handsome rugbies or polo shirts. Not to be. So I gave up a long time ago and only force the "button-downs" for church on Sundays. ( Kimball has gotten by this issue of "dupid" church clothes by wearing his play clothes hidden underneath. It's a bit bulky, but he feels more at peace with himself) I have attributed this lack of style to their male-ness. I guess I was wrong. Apparantly this is a genetic problem that is going to plague me no matter what the sex of my posterity.

But, I refuse to give up. Maybe this is a phase that will be soon forgotten. If you have any words of advice or comfort to my fashi0n grieving soul, I would welcome it.


Design Mom said...

For sure it's a phase. How could any daughter of yours give up fashion permanently?

Mo said...

Don't feed bad Amanda, you can always dress Stanton up in something cute. I love that kimball wears his comfy clothes under his dupid clothes. He is my hero.

Jenni said...

i can commiserate, sophie has a closet full of darling clothes and prefers to wear the same jeans and big, huge, oversized shirt that she made in girl scouts...everyday...but sometimes we have to draw a line and wash those clothes, i also like to give her the freedom during the week, but sometimes on sundays she needs a little help in the wardrobe department

Ben and Laura said...

I totally empathize with you! Emilie went from wearing adorable outfits with matching shoes and bows in her hair to track pants and shirts...every day! And doing her hair...forget about it. It's either a ponytail (on good days) or down (which is not cute!).
I'm hoping this "dress herself" phase will end soon!
Take heart and know that Laura looks darling even in her sweat pants!

Denise said...

Ok, so I'm the mother of many little girls. Some are prissier than others. But one thing is for sure, they have all gone through stages where they prefer some outfit over others. This, too, will surely pass. I think you should worry more about Stanton wanting to wear fancy pants (oh, was I not supposed to reveal that? Sorry!) Try sewing a little lace to the bottom of her stretch pants. No matter what she wears, with her sparkly blue eyes, she's a little doll.

Kathryn said...

I just say go with it. It's not worth the tears. Josh hasn't worn jeans in 3 years. Only track pants or shorts. Girls clothes are so much more fun. We've worked with Caroline in buying outfits. So less random combinations since she's putting on an outfit. That has helped.


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