Sunday, December 31, 2006

Things to Learn- 2007

This is my third post in a single day! It's a bit of a record, which probably won't be repeated. ( I'm also trying a new smaller font) Previous to today I hadn't written anything for nearly 3 weeks. Christmas stress over took me and I'm barely coming out of the aftermath.

We sat down as a family to make our new years resolutions today. I love making new years resolutions. It comforts my list-making soul to have an agenda for the year. Besides the usual list of saying prayers, reading scriptures, exercising more, commiting to a healthier diet, and various others- We each decided to choose something we wanted to learn. Here's the lowdown:

Laura- (I chose for her) Get potty trained
Kimball- Learn to ride a bike without training wheels
Tustin- Learn to ice-skate and snow-ski
Me- learn to play all the hymns in the Hymn Book-contingent on getting a piano- another goal of mine :)
Stanton- wants to learn how to play a few hymns as well- either he's mocking me or I get that piano after all!

Wish us luck!


lisapow said...

Good Luck - I will give you a call next time we go ice skating or skiing!

love.boxes said...

My goal is to learn 3 hymns really well, but stink musically so it really is a stretch.


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