Monday, January 22, 2007

A Piano! Yipee!!!!!!

Here's a picture of our new piano, The Kawai K-3. I feel like a kid at Christmas!
I have been married for eleven years, and in all that time have dreamed of the day we would have piano of our very own. For someone who loves to sit and emote at the keys ( I am no pianist- I just like to play around) it's been hard for me to be without. Besides, I firmly believe that every home should have a piano.

Well, my time has finally come- due in part to me sucking it up and getting a "good" piano rather than holding out for my "dream" piano. Sticking to that previous limitation was going to leave me with a piano void for many more years to come. Anyway, we found a good piano, in the finish I like, and for a good deal at The Piano Clearing House up in Peekskill. If you are looking, I would suggest going up there. They also have a website
Now to find a good piano teacher, (preferably one who comes to my house, since I hate chauffeuring).....


Jenni said...

did this take the place of the plasma? good for you. thanks for the source. i am looking, maybe not seriously, but keeping my ears open. did you get a good deal?

Ben and Laura said...

That's fabulous! Congrats!!

Lindsey said...

That's awesome! I'm totally jealous.

Amanda said...

The plasma will have to wait for the bonus. Wish Stanton luck! I have a perfect spot for it now- right over the piano.


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