Friday, February 02, 2007

Am I as boring as I think?

I have been away from the computer for a few days and it is amazing how quickly one can get out of touch! It seems I have been "tagged" in the blog world- so now I am supposed to share five things about myself people may not know.

I have to say that these sorts of things always get me feeling a little depressed because, as I try to think how to answer them, I quickly realize how boring I am. I can't think of a single unique thing about myself. So I asked my husband- surely he would have some wonderful insight about me and all that makes me special.... His response? "I don't know." That was it!!! So it must be true- I am boring, boring, boring.

However, I'm attempting a list anyway- and if you're reading this, and you consider yourself a friend ,your job now is to comment and tell me how "unusual" a person I am so that I can move past this early mid-life identity crises! :)

1. I can tap dance and I'm good at.
2. In fifth grade I had a desperate crush on Boy George. Weird- but true.
3. I secretly throw away all my children's art projects when they aren't looking. ( I guess that makes me "cruel and unusual" Seriously though, what am I supposed to do with them all?)
4. I am from The OC and I'm scared of the ocean, waves, sea animals and anything that might be lurking in the sand.
5. I love mangoes

Now I tag Lisa, Lindsay and Laura. Hopefully this is easier for you than me.


Bejoy Thomas said...
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Jenni said...

sorry to put you on the are not boring in the least, it is not intended to be a list of unusual and exciting bits, just stuff, you're really supposed to brag about all of your accomplishments etc!!! i have never seen you dance, so we are expecting a recital sometime...give us a good excuse to come for a visit because WE are the most boring poeple ever!

lisapow said...

That is a great list Amanda - you are forgetting that you can sew - really really well! For me that is unusual. I don't thant many people that can sew like you! Also, an awesome singing time leader in Primary! The day I subbed for you I felt like I was on an American Idol out-take.

jenafeldman said... ARE amazing. I have to admit that my children's art is fuel for fire when they aren't looking. The real question is do you ever get caught!!!

Amanda said...

Yes- they have caught me many times throwing their precious creations away. Not a good scene- and it actually made me feel pretty bad. Unfortunately for them I am short on storage and wall space around here so I keep doing it. But, I have learned- to either bury them way down deep where they won't notice or wait until the trash is going out to the street. So far they don'y miss 'em.

Denise said...

You? Boring? Never! You're funny, clever, a great singer and a great dancer! You're a triple threat.

Ben and Laura said...

I agree with everyone here. You are not boring in the least!!! I haven't seen it in action yet, but rumor has it that you are quite the square dancing caller. I think that's pretty unique!!

scmom said...

What do you mean - Boring! Growing up 2 years behind you gave me a serious complex. You are incredibly talented at everything you do. Singing, dancing, drawing(yes she can draw life like portraits)cooking, quilting, sewing, writing, and the list goes on and on.
I can remember the Boy George crush and I throw away art projects too( I thought I was a horrible mom)Love You! You're Hot!

Amanda said...

Thank you all for the boost in my self-esteem! You are great!

mae544 said...

Not boring! You can blog. In my book that makes you talented and a genius.

Beth said...

Amanda, you're forgetting that you are one of the nicest people ANYBODY who knows you knows. You make everybody else feel accepted and included which is not an easy thing for many people, but it comes as naturally to you as throwing away children's art does to every mom. (By-the-way, sometimes I have my children choose which ones we toss, and they don't mind. If they didn't mass-produce pictures the way they do we wouldn't have this problem -- I'm trying to teach them the value of numbered prints!)


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