Tuesday, March 06, 2007


While visiting my parent's I picked up my Mother's copy of the new Williams and Sonoma catalog and noticed these very scrumptious looking treats called "ebelskivers," which I guess are a tasty Danish tradition. ( sometimes spelled "aebleskiver") I showed the picture to my mom and together we decided to try them out. Unfortunately, one needs to have a special pan in order to make them, but surprise!-Williams and Sonoma just happens to sell them. (side note: W&S gives wonderful recipes and photos of delicious food- but one soon discovers that in order to replicate the vittles you have to buy some product or another from them. Simple yet ingenious advertising. I wish I had thought of it.)

Mom and I quickly dashed out for some bonding time and some "ebelskiver pans" of our very own. Luckily for us, they had two left and we were able to try the recipe out. Now, if you're like me, you will want to add some cinnamon and vanilla to these. (really now, what isn't better with cinnamon and vanilla?) They are tricky little buggers to get just right, but worth the effort. Yummy!

I experimented a little again with some whole wheat flour and some various fillings like lemon curd, ricotta cheese and honey. Personally, I thought the ricotta was the best- especially after it's drizzled with syrup and powdered sugar. Once I have perfected a recipe I'll be sure and post it - or if you're a Danish buff and have a yummy one to share let me know!

Thanks Again for the pan Mom! I love it!


Jenni said...

ever since mo saw that picture in our catalog he has been bugging me to make these. years ago i remember my mom was on a hunt for an ebelskiver pan, i always thought that was the strangest name, but they are delicious.

mae said...

My Norwegian grandma used to make these for us all the time. She had a cast iron pan and turned them with an ice pick. We usually filled them with jam and sprinkled with powdered sugar. Someday when I have a house I'd like to buy an ebelskiver pan of my very own.

Amanda said...

Marianne- when you get the house, and I know you will, I will buy you a pan. You've earned it- and we can become ebelskiver masters together!

Denise said...

I've made these a lot -- I'm Danish! They are a fun alternative to pancakes.


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