Sunday, March 04, 2007

Ice Dancing Anyone?

A few weeks ago we had a very wet snow followed by freezing temperatures. Unknown to us- this will turn all the snow on ones driveway into solid immovable ice that is hard as a rock and impossible to shovel off. The next morning we could have had our own "Neilson Family on Ice Show" in our front yard (if we'd had the skates or the talent to go with them).

Anyway, this happened on a Wednesday- It was not until the following Saturday, after we were ridiculed for our laziness (thanks Michael) that we ventured out to try and pick away at our land of Antarctica. After a couple of hours of hard labor our driveway was again safe from lawsuits and we were left with huge piles of ice slabs from which the boys created their own snow fort. It turned out pretty good.

Maybe they will be architects! (In my opinion this is much better than being a "soldier with a dog" which is what Kimball is aspiring to as of now.)

1 comment:

Mo said...

I don't know. I always thought those soldiers with dogs were pretty awesome. Cooler than some pencil neck architect.


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