Monday, March 26, 2007


Cute Moms!
On Wednesday (March 21st) Tustin didn't have school due to one of those "Teacher Conference" days. (do you ever wonder if those really are legit?- or is it just a cover for our fine educators to go get a massage?) Anyway, I thought it was a great opportunity to take the kids skiing. (after all they cannot possibly be related to their Grandpa Neilson and NOT know how to ski!) I went with Lisa Powell, Marianne Schmidt and all our kids. We put the three youngest in the day care and the 6 older kids in ski school. It was great! I haven't been skiing in so long and I had forgotten how much I enjoy it. The kids did super for their first day. I was impressed with how quickly they picked it up. For the most part, they were riding the chairlifts and speeding down the hills all by themselves before the day was over. (OK, Kimball- not so much. The whole "pizza plow" method of stopping seemed lost on him and he stuck to the "straight down, super fast and bale out when your about to crash and die" method. We barely missed a few scary encounters with trees, poles and fences. Next year I'll be sure and give him private lessons --and a helmet. That being said, he absolutely loved it!) I've never seen Tustin take to a sport with this much excitement before. I loved the glow on his face after each run. Looks like we're going to be ski bunnies around here come next season! Tustin going it alone in ski school

Losing his goggles, and in classic Kimball form, NOT looking where he is going!

Andrew, Hunter, Emily, Tustin, and Kimball

Tustin and Andrew- the speed demons!

(Lisa, who is way more technologically savvy than I, made a fun video of the kids that day. To see it go here.)

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