Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Where Have all the Photos Gone?

I decided to add a link to show all the fun outfits I made for Laura this last year ( see sidebar). I figure it will be a good way for me to keep a record of them that I can enjoy looking at-especially on those days when she refuses to wear anything but nasty old PJ's. But, while making this album, I realized something very sad: There are quite a number of outfits that I don't seem to have pictures of at all! Could it be that after sitting at my machine all those hours in an effort to garb her in something adorable I never bothered to encapsulate it on film before she outgrew it and I boxed it away? What kind of a Mother am I? All that cuteness is gone forever!

I refuse to accept this- so I think I will rescue these outfits from their storage dungeons and make some of my local girlfriends bring their 1year-old daughters over to try them on and have a photo shoot. ( That would solve the problem and would be much easier than trying to come up with another daughter of my own!)


jenafeldman said...

I love the collection!!! I also love your idea of a "fancy pants fashion show" with your other outfits. I can't tell you how many cute dresses I made for Erika that I don't have pics of. :(

lisapow said...

Anna loves a good photo shoot :)

Amanda said...

I think Anna will be the perfect size- so she's in!

daniel said...

wait, you can borrow other kids rather than have more of your own? why didn't anyone tell denise four kids ago?

Denise said...

Cowards! You can borrow my baby, but really, get your own!


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