Wednesday, April 11, 2007

The Fluidity Bar

I am a sucker for infomercials. It doesn't matter what the product is- by the time the program is over I am convinced of it's value and thoroughly believe that it will change my life for the better. I realize that many of them are scams and a complete waste of money, but on the other hand I can personally vouch for a number of products. I love my "Total Gym," (even if I never actually use it). I think "Nads" is a fairly decent hair removal product. I've seem women completely transformed by Windsor Pilates. I love the "Juice Man Jr," My "BOSU" is excellent, and every now and then I still enjoy a good workout from Billy Blanks.

A few weeks ago I found myself up in the wee hours of the morning fighting a bout of unexplainable insomnia, so I turned on the television hoping to lull myself back into dreamland. Now if you have never suffered a sleepless night before you may not realize that between the hours of 1 and 5 a.m. just about every channel is selling something. It is an infomercial lovers paradise and that's where and when I first learned of this Fluidity Bar. In short, it's a free-standing ballet bar that enables one to do all sorts of great dancer-like toning exercises. And even though I will probably never have my dancer's body completely back again (thanks kids), I figure this contraption just might get me closer to my coveted college form. (If you want the full low-down on the bar you can check out their website.) My point is, I was sold and I ordered one. (Mom, this was your birthday present to me. Thank you!) After all it has a 30 day money back guarantee!

My bar arrived on my doorstep yesterday and I've tested it out. It's a really nice, solid piece of equipment-although a little larger and heavier than I had anticipated, but I like it. The workout is pretty straight forward. I enjoyed it and think it has a lot of potential for me. My problem is this: I think only one of the exercises actually requires this kind of bar. Minus that one-I could do the entire workout on a wall-mounted bar which would cost me a lot less, and would solve my problem of "Where do I put this thing?"

So now I have to decide. Should it stay or should it go? Any thoughts?


Ben and Laura said...

Amanda...I about jumped out of my seat when I saw this! I know exactly what it is and could probably quote the infomerical to you! I too was sucked in and was about to click "order" when Ben relented and let me join a gym. But I still wonder how I'd look if I had that!
But if you can do all the exercises without the machine, why keep it's big, bulky self???

FancyPantsMom said...

I'm going to use it again today and actually take measurements for a more thorough analysis to see how well the exercises would do with a wall-mounted bar. I'll keep you posted! If the wall works just as well you can put one up in your house and I'll teach you all the moves!

lisapow said...

I would go for the wall mounted bar - I was never a sucker for the infomercials but I do love that "As seen on TV" store.

Jenni said...

Maybe since you are not afraid to try things from t.v., then you could send this back and get the Roll n' Grow and let us know if it really works.

Anonymous said...

I actually put together a similar bar just so i could try the exercises and test the principle behind it. It works... here is a post about it...
The Fluidity Bar

Tanya Kristine said...

I know this is 2008 and your blog is 2007 but did you ever GET the fluidity bar?

Jen said...

what did you end up doing with your barre? i got one as a gift from MY mom, and i used it a bit but i didn't really like the exercises. i wanted more ballet-like work, rather than just flexing stuff!

now i'm pondering selling it... i already sold the DVDs last year, so i don't even have those now. I have thet NYC Ballet workout too, and i want more ballet!

What did you do?

Amanda Neilson said...

I still have the bar. I agree though- I would have liked to have more dynamic ballet moves as well. (That's why I think a full-length ballet bar in my basement would be better. You would just have to have it anchored really well into the studs.) I actually wanted to return it, but the cost to ship it back was obscene! That's where they get you!

So- every now and then I take it out and do the workout so that I don't feel it's taking up space for nothing. It's not bad- but it's certainly not life changing either.

Selling it is a good idea. (I guess I should have kept the box.) Craig's List Maybe?


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