Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Pets-How could this happen to me?

I am not an animal lover. I believe it is because I tend to feel edgy and nervous with things and situations I cannot control- and I for one have seen too many of those "close encounter" video-clip shows where the "trained" bear, or other animal, ended up swallowing the head of his perfectly relaxed and confident trainer. (Just look at the fate of Sigfried and Roy or Steve Irwin. These guys were professionals but when it got right down to it, the animals got the best of them- because no matter how much people try to train or humanize them, animals will always stay what they are genetically meant to be- animals.)

I'm especially uncomfortable with house pets. I've always told my kids that that they can have whatever pet they desire once we have a large barn to put them in. It's not that I don't enjoy animal life, I just don't think animals should be in the same living space as humans- or at least the same living space as me.

This has always been my stance and no amount of pleading, crying or begging from my poor deprived children has ever been able to change my mind. But the fates are conspiring against me.

I made the mistake of letting my soft-hearted husband take my animal-loving 5 yr-old son on a father-son date last weekend. Where did Kimball choose to go? The pet store of course, and the sneaky little kid worked his baby blue magic on his Father and managed to acquire two lizards and a large bag of crickets.(apparently these "green anole" lizards eat juicy live crickets-- an insect I also happen to have a large aversion to). What was I supposed to do? I mean just look at his happy face!
So now I have two more little guys to feed and clean up after. The funny thing is, even though they are a bit like scary little dragons, they are growing on me. They currently reside in our kitchen and I find myself constantly distracted by them. They fascinate me and I'm getting quite attached. I worry that they aren't staying warm at night or getting the proper amount to eat. ( I even fortify their crickets with a special calcium powder! ) What can I say? I think we are a good match because even though they are in my home, technically they still reside in their own pad. At least that's my excuse.

I disgust myself.

This is all for you Kimball. Never doubt how much your Mother loves you.


Jenni said...

i am with you on this one, i can handle the pets if they are contained, i have learned to sleep with the sound of crickets chirping IN my house at night, you are a nice one to fortify them with calcium, i am not that nice.

Kim said...

I showed Keagan the pictures and he thought it was SO neat. Your a cool mom for letting him have them.

Lindsay said...

No pets in our house. EVER! Of course, my sister used to say this and she now has a dog. You used to say this and now you have two lizards.

Enjoy them. Your kids will love you for it.

mae said...

What a proud, proud day for mother's everywhere. Way to go. I find myself watching and worrying over our little turtle more than I could have imagined. Once a mom, always a mom.

kristi brooke said...

we had a frog home for a few days and then took it back to the pond.
i was mom of the year for those few days, now i am just plain old mom who get my kids a pet.


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