Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Medieval Times Birthday Extravaganza

preparing for battle

Kimball turned five way back in December and I convinced him that his "Shamu- Under the Sea Adventure" themed party would be better suited for warmer weather. (Atleast warmer than a New York Winter had to offer). Fortunately, he agreed and I was able to procrastinate my motherly duty of throwing yet another party with a gazillion crazy kids. Unfortunately, Spring came all too soon and I was overwhelmed that I had to throw two parties. (Tustin's 8th birthday was a few weeks ago).

I found myself bemoaning this predicament when I mentioned it to my friend Marianne who also had to throw two parties of her own. Then- we had an epiphany! Why not forget the big parties and convince our kids to have a quadruple celebration together at the Medieval Times Theatre in New Jersey. We wouldn't have to do anything except buy the tickets and show up. Done Deal!

Once we told the kids that they could wear costumes, eat a dinner without any utensils, and watch all sorts of fighting- they were an easy sell. We allowed each of them to invite one friend, and they had a blast. (Kimball was a little traumatized when the "traitor" was sentenced to death. He started crying and calling out, "Let him live." It took me a little while to convince him it was all an act and the knights weren't really hurting each other. Thank goodness they all came back out again at the end of the show- alive and well and smiling- because I don't think he believed me until then. I love that he is so tender hearted.)

All in all it was great fun and ever since my boys have been reenacting the show all day long. In fact, I enjoyed it so much that I'm hoping they want to go next year as well. Why not make Medieval violence a birthday tradition?

Marianne and I enjoying our souvenir 44 oz. VIRGIN strawberry daiquiris! So Fun!!

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Longing for Lashes

I have all but non-existent eye-lashes so, aside from gluing on the fake ones which always make me look like I should be out trick-or-treating, I have tried all there is to amp-up the puny and sparse set I was born with. Up until now, my favorite mascara had been by Estee Lauder. I can never remember the name of it- but it comes in a navy tube.

Anyway, this week I was in the market for all new makeup after my two-year-old and a couple of her friends (shout out to Samuel and Sophie!) managed to get a hold of my make-up bag and paint themselves head to foot with mascara, lipstick, concealer etc.. (If I were a "stop and smell the roses" kind of Mother I would have thought to get a picture of the moment. -In retrospect, it was pretty cute and they looked hilarious. Sophie had so much mascara on her face, she reminded me of the Tar-Baby. - But, being that I'm not that fun and, I usually forget to live in the moment, I just tried to hold my tongue as I bathed them and thought about the cost of all those products swirling down the drain.)

Which brings me to my need of a new mascara. I went to the mall and bought all the various products I find useful in decorating my face, but forgot to buy mascara, and since I couldn't get back to the mall right away, I was forced to go without my most needed tool. Fortunately, a friend of mine mentioned this new mascara she had heard about. She said "all the ladies" were talking about it at the drug store and that I should try it out. So I went to my local CVS that very day and purchased one of these talked about tubes in the apple-green container.(very cute)It 's called "Define-A-Lash" by Maybelline .

Guess what? I really like it! It's pretty good stuff. It has a unique flexible applicator and it isn't clumpy at all. It doesn't thicken my lashes a whole lot, but they look natural and it's cheaper than Estee Lauder. For now, it is my mascara- and I'm happy!

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Finally- a trip for the BIG KIDS!

Stanton and I have been married for eleven years and we finally took a trip without the kids. I'm not sure why it took us so long -being that we actually do enjoy one another's company. I think we are just bad at planning things and following through. (maybe we're just boring home-bodies- and I do have to say that leaving ones kids takes an enormous amount of planning. The good news is that because of this trip we finally have our papers -such as our living wills and trusts for the kids in order which is a major load off my back. I've been stressing over that for years).
Anyway, we're changing our ways. We ditched our brood with my sister( Shout out to you Wendy. You are the best and I will be forever grateful to you.) and went off to explore the UK. It was so much fun and I'm already trying to figure out how soon we can go back. We went with some of our good friends,( shout out to the Powells, LaBelles and Schmidts!) and enjoyed ourselves immensely as we explored castles, monuments, and gorgeous countryside. (The men would want me to clarify that this was an "official golfing trip" to the birthplace/Holy Land of golf- and that they were just being nice and letting the women tag along. Whatever.
Day 1( April 28th)- We explored Edinburgh, Scotland. The Edinburgh Castle and Holyrood Palace were amazing with some beautiful views. We walked the Royal Mile- great fun! Stanton was hissed at and called a "Spaniard" at the local Soccer game/"football pitch. Definitely the days highlight for him!

Stanton and the views of Edinburgh from the castle.

View of Edinburgh castle with my pathetic attempt at the "balance beam."

It took a lot of peer pressure, and begging from me, for Stanton to take these pictures. (But once he saw the "Braveheart" ensemble and assortment of weapons he was more than happy to play dress-up!) I love them!

Day 2(April 29th)- After taking the red bus tour around Edinburgh we traveled to St. Andrews where the men stressed out over their upcoming golf game. I'm not sure any of them slept that night.

Day 3 (April 30th) The men golfed two rounds, while the women explored Stirling castle, the William Wallace Monument, and enjoyed frolicking in the Trossachs with the fairies.(my personal favorite.)

Her majesties- Princesses Amanda and Marianne

Amanda, Lisa, and the views from the top of the William Wallace Monument-pictures do not do it justice.

Day 4( May 1st) The men golfed again, while the women explored the castle and cathedral ruins at St. Andrews. Then Stanton and I left the group and traveled to London.Me atop the tower at the St. Andrews Cathedral

Day 5( May 2nd) Stanton and I took the red bus tour and enjoyed all the major sites of London. Then we finished the day off by riding the London "eye" ( a huge ferris wheel with views of the city) and taking in an Alfred Hitchcock play. London is great. Someday I want to return so I have time to go to the Shakespeare Theatre.

On the red bus!

Stanton at the Tower of London

Me and Buckingham Palace

Day 6( May 3) We saw a few more sites in London. I particularly LOVE "Harrods" department store. Then we flew home- to real life.

All in all it was an amazing trip.- and of course, my kids were much cuter upon my return than when we left them. (Funny how that happens.) I recommend Scotland to anyone considering it. I can't wait to go back. Hopefully it won't be another eleven years before our next trip!


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