Thursday, May 17, 2007

Longing for Lashes

I have all but non-existent eye-lashes so, aside from gluing on the fake ones which always make me look like I should be out trick-or-treating, I have tried all there is to amp-up the puny and sparse set I was born with. Up until now, my favorite mascara had been by Estee Lauder. I can never remember the name of it- but it comes in a navy tube.

Anyway, this week I was in the market for all new makeup after my two-year-old and a couple of her friends (shout out to Samuel and Sophie!) managed to get a hold of my make-up bag and paint themselves head to foot with mascara, lipstick, concealer etc.. (If I were a "stop and smell the roses" kind of Mother I would have thought to get a picture of the moment. -In retrospect, it was pretty cute and they looked hilarious. Sophie had so much mascara on her face, she reminded me of the Tar-Baby. - But, being that I'm not that fun and, I usually forget to live in the moment, I just tried to hold my tongue as I bathed them and thought about the cost of all those products swirling down the drain.)

Which brings me to my need of a new mascara. I went to the mall and bought all the various products I find useful in decorating my face, but forgot to buy mascara, and since I couldn't get back to the mall right away, I was forced to go without my most needed tool. Fortunately, a friend of mine mentioned this new mascara she had heard about. She said "all the ladies" were talking about it at the drug store and that I should try it out. So I went to my local CVS that very day and purchased one of these talked about tubes in the apple-green container.(very cute)It 's called "Define-A-Lash" by Maybelline .

Guess what? I really like it! It's pretty good stuff. It has a unique flexible applicator and it isn't clumpy at all. It doesn't thicken my lashes a whole lot, but they look natural and it's cheaper than Estee Lauder. For now, it is my mascara- and I'm happy!


Jenni said...

oh, thanks for the tip any help i can ge for my "barely there" lashes is a plus. sorry for your make-up mishap.

Ben and Laura said...

My go-to mascara is by's the Full'n'Soft mascara and it's the BEST out there. I've tried everything from the $30/tube to the Wet'n'Wild $1.99. Hands down it's the best.
Pick up a tube when this one is'll be a believe as well!

jenafeldman said...

I also have tiny lashes that happen to be stick straight and I have to sing the "AMEN" to laura's post...she beat me to it. I LOVE full 'n soft. Totally worth it! I got it by mistake and it was awesome!

jenafeldman said...

I forgot to mention...I have the first 6 Horatio Hornblower movies on VHS if you would like to borrow. (Sorry about the dinosaur versions ...)

FancyPantsMom said...

Thanks for the tip! I will definitely get me some of that mascara. And Jen- the next time Stanton is away on business and i need some good chick-flick type of show i would love to borrow your copy of the movie!


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