Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Medieval Times Birthday Extravaganza

preparing for battle

Kimball turned five way back in December and I convinced him that his "Shamu- Under the Sea Adventure" themed party would be better suited for warmer weather. (Atleast warmer than a New York Winter had to offer). Fortunately, he agreed and I was able to procrastinate my motherly duty of throwing yet another party with a gazillion crazy kids. Unfortunately, Spring came all too soon and I was overwhelmed that I had to throw two parties. (Tustin's 8th birthday was a few weeks ago).

I found myself bemoaning this predicament when I mentioned it to my friend Marianne who also had to throw two parties of her own. Then- we had an epiphany! Why not forget the big parties and convince our kids to have a quadruple celebration together at the Medieval Times Theatre in New Jersey. We wouldn't have to do anything except buy the tickets and show up. Done Deal!

Once we told the kids that they could wear costumes, eat a dinner without any utensils, and watch all sorts of fighting- they were an easy sell. We allowed each of them to invite one friend, and they had a blast. (Kimball was a little traumatized when the "traitor" was sentenced to death. He started crying and calling out, "Let him live." It took me a little while to convince him it was all an act and the knights weren't really hurting each other. Thank goodness they all came back out again at the end of the show- alive and well and smiling- because I don't think he believed me until then. I love that he is so tender hearted.)

All in all it was great fun and ever since my boys have been reenacting the show all day long. In fact, I enjoyed it so much that I'm hoping they want to go next year as well. Why not make Medieval violence a birthday tradition?

Marianne and I enjoying our souvenir 44 oz. VIRGIN strawberry daiquiris! So Fun!!


Denise said...

I didn't realize my poor daughter was one of only two girls. I hope the boys were all plenty chivalrous -- ahhh, who am I kidding?

jenafeldman said...

With that crowd I would have left the "virgin" out of the strawberry daiquiris...Looks like fun!


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