Monday, June 25, 2007

Goodbye Cricky

"Amazing Grace how sweet the sound....."
We are having funeral services today for our beloved lizard named "Cricky." How could we possibly lose our good friend when just the day before he was healthy, robust, and happily gorging on calcium fortified crickets? It's a short story so I'll share.....

My husband thought he would do something nice for our pet lizards by giving them some real sunshine- so he took their little glass habitat and placed it in the garden. Seems like they would enjoy that right? Well- only if you forget one crucial detail and that is that lizards are cold blooded. They need the sun (or an artificial light) to stay warm- but they also need to get out of the sun/light in order to cool down. Stanton forgot that second part, and all day long they baked in the sun without shade or water....... I will let you imagine the state of our "lizard toast" at the days end.

You know it's funny-my children accepted the loss without much more than an "Oh, can I get a new pet?" while I, on the other hand, have found myself much more affected. I miss our little dragon and It makes me feel very guilty when I imagine what a horrid, slow death he must have suffered. Part of me worries that his little lizard spirit will haunt me at night with chants of "OHHHHHH---Why?," or "How could you?!!!"

Anyway, we are moving on and I have managed to nurse our other lizard back to consciousness- although he doesn't look quite right. Can lizards suffer brain damage?

Monday, June 11, 2007

Fun, Sparkly Flip Flops!

I think these are so adorable! My sister's little girl has some flip-flops like this. They are "Havaianas" flip-flops that have been embellished with little rhinestone flowers. One of the best things about them? They go with everything- jeans, shorts, casual skirts-whatever! Various people sell them on eBay, but I'm going to get me some glue (I think this kind will work great) and see what I can come up with for Laura, and myself. They are definitely very "broccoli!" Wish me luck!


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