Monday, June 11, 2007

Fun, Sparkly Flip Flops!

I think these are so adorable! My sister's little girl has some flip-flops like this. They are "Havaianas" flip-flops that have been embellished with little rhinestone flowers. One of the best things about them? They go with everything- jeans, shorts, casual skirts-whatever! Various people sell them on eBay, but I'm going to get me some glue (I think this kind will work great) and see what I can come up with for Laura, and myself. They are definitely very "broccoli!" Wish me luck!


jenafeldman said...

I am a flip-flop "junkie" and can't wait to see what you come up post!

Lindsay said...

My mom also did flip flops with fuzzy yarn. So cute. Since you can find flip flops for so cheap you could so many different things. Have fun!

Denise said...

Glue? Just use your bedazzler. It's under your fluidity bar, I think.


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