Friday, July 20, 2007

Pink Christmas!

If you haven't already heard of "Pink Christmas"- be sure and check it out here, and sign up. It should be lots of fun! I won't bother giving you all the details- because it will be much better explained by Kristi, the creator herself!

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Jello Parfaits!

I loved Jello parfaits as a kid! However, I had forgotten about them until my sister sent me this picture of us eating them when we were little. I loved the yummy and beautiful layers of goodness. (If you do not already have a deep appreciation for Jello, and all it has to offer, I am very sad for you- you are missing out on one of life's greatest joys!)

Anyway, what I especially enjoyed about jello parfaits when I was a kid was that my Mom always made them in the glass goblets and I felt so special being able to eat a treat out of the "grown-up" glasses. ( To this day I still get a little thrill whenever I get to drink out of a goblet. There is something magical, and sophisticated about them, and if you are a sparkling juice connoisseur like me- then you know that any fizzing, fruity concoction tastes much better when sipped from the rim of a pretty piece of stemware).

Reminiscing about my many parfait experiences, I set out to give my children their first. Unfortunately, I didn't have a good selection of jello colors in my pantry so we had to settled for the green and yellow scheme. Either way, the kids loved them and we had a great time eating them.
If you haven't made these before you can pretty much use any recipe for a layered jello. (I like to use the sour-cream method for 12- layer jello like this one here.)You can modify the amount of jello and number of layers to suit your needs.

Fruit and Candy Ka-Bobs YUM!

This last weekend, some friends and I threw a surprise baby shower for one of our amazing fellow moms who is having her fifth child this coming August. (shout out to you Denise!) Now, I love any chance I can get to do a buffet table. Although usually, the food is an after thought for me because I mostly enjoy the "decor" part- that is, the table cloth, boxes, baskets, fabric and various items to make nice levels and eye catching, theme-going stuff. It's a real problem have--amongst many.....
Anyway, for this shower we put our heads together and decided it would be fun to combine the decor with the food. Being inspired by a local business we set out to make our own "Edible Arrangements." Marianne and I (shout out to you Marianne!) painted polka dot pots, filled them with cabbage and went to work making all sorts of edible "flowers" on shish-ka-bob sticks We had a great time making them and I think they turned out beautiful. Add a chocolate fountain and Wha-La!- beautiful food and table all in one. Love it!!
The shower was a great success and I think Denise was almost surprised!

Sunday, July 15, 2007


This picture captures two major milestones for our family. To start, we had our first trip to the emergency room with one of our children. Laura walked behind her brother on the swings and had her forehead cut open. Luckily for us, when we went to the emergency room there was a plastic surgeon already there suturing up some other lucky couples' child. I think he did a good job and she won't have to be Harry Potter every Halloween from now on. I consider this trip to the ER a major milestone because Laura is our third child, (and- especially since Kimball ,of all children, is our second child) I don't know how in the world we have escaped ER injuries before this. In fact, I have decided that Kimball must have some important missionary work to do in the future because he has escaped death so very many times. Thankfully, Angels seem to be watching over him.

Our second milestone is a very exciting one for me. I have waited for three years, (impatiently and some times desperately), for this to happen.-- I finally was able to gather up enough hair on Laura's head to insert a hair clip and have it actually stay! Yippee!! Woo-Hoo!! Hallelujah!!
FINALLY! - This brings me much peace as a mother.

Monday, July 02, 2007

Basil is the Bestest!

I love basil. It is by far my favorite herb. As soon as summer rolls around I start to crave it's fragrant yumminess This is one of my favorite recipes utilizing it. Once again it comes from "Taste of Home." Fortunately for me I have started my square-foot garden this year so my basil should be plentiful. ( My new-found passion for square foot gardening will have to wait for another post.)
If you have any other basil-enriched recipes you swear by--please share!

TOH Jumbo Chocolate Chip Cookies

I'm always on the hunt for a new cookie. I have my traditional favorites and the ones I usually make because they are my husband's favorite ( otherwise known as "Big Mo's"- a scrumptious recipe given to me by a fabulous friend. (Shout out to you Jenni) and which I have never been able to cook as well as she does.) Anyway, I tried this new recipe last night and they are terrific. I skipped the dip in white chocolate however, since I hate that kind of extra work. They were terrific without it. I think the coconut is what makes them special. It adds a little spunk to them and gives them some extra chewiness. And I, being passionate about all thing coconut and related to pina colada, love them. Give 'em a try!
Oh-and of course this recipe comes from "Taste of Home!" If you are not already a subscriber what are you waiting for?


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