Monday, July 02, 2007

Basil is the Bestest!

I love basil. It is by far my favorite herb. As soon as summer rolls around I start to crave it's fragrant yumminess This is one of my favorite recipes utilizing it. Once again it comes from "Taste of Home." Fortunately for me I have started my square-foot garden this year so my basil should be plentiful. ( My new-found passion for square foot gardening will have to wait for another post.)
If you have any other basil-enriched recipes you swear by--please share!


lisapow said...

Thanks for the recipe - delicious!

Michelle A. said...

First time to your blog, love the colors and name - very cute! Basil is so good -I love it with a Caprese Salad. I am over at Your recipes look really good - will have to try! Fun posts!


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