Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Jello Parfaits!

I loved Jello parfaits as a kid! However, I had forgotten about them until my sister sent me this picture of us eating them when we were little. I loved the yummy and beautiful layers of goodness. (If you do not already have a deep appreciation for Jello, and all it has to offer, I am very sad for you- you are missing out on one of life's greatest joys!)

Anyway, what I especially enjoyed about jello parfaits when I was a kid was that my Mom always made them in the glass goblets and I felt so special being able to eat a treat out of the "grown-up" glasses. ( To this day I still get a little thrill whenever I get to drink out of a goblet. There is something magical, and sophisticated about them, and if you are a sparkling juice connoisseur like me- then you know that any fizzing, fruity concoction tastes much better when sipped from the rim of a pretty piece of stemware).

Reminiscing about my many parfait experiences, I set out to give my children their first. Unfortunately, I didn't have a good selection of jello colors in my pantry so we had to settled for the green and yellow scheme. Either way, the kids loved them and we had a great time eating them.
If you haven't made these before you can pretty much use any recipe for a layered jello. (I like to use the sour-cream method for 12- layer jello like this one here.)You can modify the amount of jello and number of layers to suit your needs.


jenafeldman said...

I'll never forget Stanton's "rainbow" concoction at Christmas! I need to do this for my kids...great memories!

FancyPantsMom said...

I highly recommend it!

Jenn S. said...

I was just going to say - I will always remember the 12 layer jello we had at your place - Christmas 2003! Amazing!

I made jello for Savannah a while back and she was not pleased with the frozen berries that I added to it. I think I'll try it again in layers and without any "junks" (chunks) of fruit in it- thanks! :)


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