Wednesday, August 22, 2007

What do I do now?

polka dot skirt-!!- LOVE IT!! I even found "puddle-jumper" shoes to match.
I'm presently on a long vacation in California and have not been blogging, but I had such a great shopping experience today that I had to take a a quick break and share info regarding a fabulous place for adorable and affordable childrens clothes. It's called "Naartjie." Their pieces are all mix and match and they have that extra "sassy-something" that I love! The best part? Their prices aren't that much higher than Target!

The only problem with finding great stores like this is that I've lost my excuse to make Laura's outfits myself. (I originally sewed her clothes because one- I love to sew, and two- it was way cheaper to do so. The kind of clothing I like was previously only found in over-priced boutiques.) Well now, all that has changed and I'm seeing cute stuff everywhere! In fact- it's cheaper than what I could make it for. As much as I love buying this great stuff- it has sort of stolen my thunder at the machine. I mean why go to all the effort if "fancy", and "sassy", and "ultra-cute" is now mass produced and shipped from China?

I guess I have to find a new hobby....

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holly said...

Hey Amanda! I have joined the blogosphere and thought I would let you know. Is it possible that you are even MORE crafty than you were in South Pasadena? I loved your edible arrangements shower! It was so cute.
HOpe you are doing well. I miss you.


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