Friday, September 07, 2007

I Can Breathe Again!

I thought I would post a quick update regarding my "legal" issues for any of you who may be interested. I believe my sleepless nights are coming to an end!

I have a good friend Denise( shout out to you!) who is one of those great ladies who always seems to know something or someone just when you need it! She just happens to have a friend who is a police officer here in the Village of Mamaroneck (which also makes him a colleague to my own "friendly" officer.) and she spoke with him in order to get a better idea of what I might be facing in court. It turns out that I don't have to go to court after all!!! If I want to plead "guilty" I can mail in my ticket and a judge will "peruse" the case and then send me a bill for whatever fee he deems fair, based upon my sins. If I want to plead "not guilty," I can show up to court and meet face to face with Officer I Like to Give Big Lectures To Well Meaning, Yet Sometimes Overwhelmed Mothers, and hope that I can escape with a lesser fine/sentence.

I am going to happily take the chickens way out, plead guilty, and hope my fee isn't too exorbitant.

Like most experiences in life, I have learned a few things from this one:

# 1- It is illegal to leave your car running, with keys in the ignition while unattended. Who Knew? So if you are on the way to swim lessons and as you pull out of the driveway your child yells, "MOM!- I forgot my goggles!" you must, in fact, turn off the car and remove the keys before you run back into the house to retrieve them. Otherwise you are a criminal! ( Even more interesting- it is NOT illegal to leave your children in a car unattended while you run into the post office/preschool/7-Eleven/dry cleaners. But, if you do, you will generally be considered an awful, no-good person, so beware.)

#2- For most small crimes- the government will be happy to let you go your way, as long as they can have your money. Are we surprised?

#3- I love my kids (of course, I didn't just learn this) but I REALLY love them! I'm overwhelmed by that love whenever I take a moment to look at them or just think about them. They are the joy of my life. I am so grateful they are mine. This experience has made me want to cherish them even more, be more patient and kind with them, drive slower when they are in the car, take more time to read and play games with them, and just in general make the minutes, hours, and days more full of laughter fun and time together building memories that we can hold onto for the future. ( This is where I feel I should quote one of those well-loved mormon commercials, "Family- Isn't it about Time?" :))

Thanks Again to all of you for your emails, blog comments, and phone calls of support. You are the best friends and family a girl could ask for. These things called "Life" and "Motherhood" would be so much harder without you to share it with!


lisapow said...

So glad to hear that this is all over. Phew!
I guess I never knew it was a law not to leave the car running (even though I am sure I am guilty on this one). I have heard a few stories of kids driving vehicles into the garage before - so I guess there is good reason for it.
I guess this is a good reminder to me.
Yes, I have felt the "cherish" every moment. I think the move has made me realize this. I am glad my kids have each other.

Jenn S. said...

Oh Amanda, you are an amazing mother! I'm so glad that you can breathe a sigh of relief and put this whole thing behind you. Isn't it great when we can be made better because of our challenges? (Not that you needed to be made more great, but you know what I mean!)


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