Tuesday, September 25, 2007

The Love Sac Nap

Laura asleep on the Love Sac.

Oh that they would make one big enough for me to be completely enveloped in like this. I am so jealous! That would be yummy. If you have never seen or heard of a Love Sac, check it out here. They are so fun. We opted to have one in our basement, instead of a couch because it seemed to fit in better with the free-form play/catch-all room. The kids have often turned it into a giant "island" that protects them from the wildlife and crocodiles. So fun! And so cozy!

Aren't sleeping children the best? Sometimes I think the reason for this is simple- they are NOT awake. Other times I'm less cynical and it is because when they are asleep they are so peaceful and beautiful and snuggly. No matter how old they get (or how much whining and fighting with their siblings they've done that day), when they are sound asleep they are my babies all over again. My warm, lovable little ones all over again.


jenafeldman said...

So true--they are so sweet when asleep. love the love sac...our upstairs neighbors in philly had one and our kids played the "run as hard as you can and land on it" game. I love the pic...so peaceful.

Kim said...

I love those! Those are the best to play on when you are a kid.

Denise said...

Truer words were never spoken. I often find myself thinking lovingly as I look at my kids asleep -- when only hours previously, they were terrorizing me.

Jenni said...

which size sac do you have? it is hard to tell on the site which one is comparable and the size you have seems perfect. thanks for the reminder, love these.

FancyPantsMom said...

We have the 6 foot Love Sac. Sometimes I think it might be a little too big, but when the kids all want to pile on a read a book or watch i show, I go back to thinking it's perfect.


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