Monday, October 15, 2007

Wisdom from a 5 yr. old

Last week there was a minor fire at my sons' elementary school. Fortunately it was contained and all the children were evacuated safely. However, being that they could not return to school that day all the parents were requested to pick up their children immediately. I quickly drove to the High School (the designated pick-up locale) and joined the other 400 or so parents in line waiting to claim their kids. ( That's another story best abbreviated into two words: "complete mayhem").

Anyway, once I'd gathered my kids, they expressed their concern that they had to leave their backpacks and precious belongings. This gave us a good opportunity to talk about what really is important, and we agreed that getting ourselves and our friends out of danger was more important than things. People matter because they cannot be replaced. Material things do not matter because simply, they can.

I thought we were all on the same page with that.... Yet, as soon as we had finished this meaningful discussion, my five year-old looked up at me with his big blue eyes and shared his deep, deep thoughts....

..... "But, Mom, if you're in an emergency and you have to choose between friends and food, you should choose food right? Because if you don't have food you would die."

There you have it. Let this be a warning to all of Kimball's friends---If it comes down to you and the Chef BoyarDee, Kimball will choose the canned goods every time. A kids got to eat right?


Lindsay said...

I love five year old logic! So funny.

holly said...

You can't blame the kid for thinking about self-preservation. What a great story. :)

Kim said...

I had to giggle because my son loves to eat, and he would have said the same thing!

Denise said...

Is Kimball's middle name Donner per chance?

summerzfamily said...

Hey Amanda, its Summer (Rhett's sister).... Leslie had told me about your blogging, and now I am finally getting into it. It's fun & addicting. Its amazing how interesting it is to go to strangers blogs and read about their lives, see pictures, etc.
Thanks for sharing your story about leaving the kids in the car. What a great reminder how split second decisions can have an impact on us. Anyways just wanted to say HI---
Take Care,

Becky said...

I love that story -- the thought process of our kids can be pretty scary sometimes, but always a laugh, right?!?!?!


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