Thursday, November 29, 2007

Good Wishes for Grandma

This morning I asked Kimball, my five year-old, to say our morning prayers. (He has a tendency to say the same two sentences every time he prays, so before we knelt I encouraged him to take a moment to think about what he'd really like to say.) He began with his list of usual niceties, and then verbalized a VERY special, heartfelt request:

"And please bless Great Grandma that she'll have fun in her coffin today."



holly said...

How funny! When I encourage a little more thought with my kids prayers they usually pray, "Help mommy control her mommy have a happy day...bless mom that she can be nice...and so on.

I have found that I rather like the old 2 sentence repetitions a little more. ;)

Anne said...

i am dying laughing right now!! sy always says, "please bless that we can be good and nice, and nice and good, and good and nice."

holly said...

I just heard a very funny prayer from my 4 year old, Landon. He said "please bless us that we won't push Santa off the roof, even though it would be funny." Even I could not contain my laughter. I made him finish through the snickers and giggles anyway. Priceless. I need to write that one down.


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