Friday, November 16, 2007

Tainted Leaves

Here in our little town we pile our fall leaves at the curb in front of our homes and at the end of the season the city sends around big trucks to gather them up and take them off to who knows where. But, before that big clean-up, the leaves make for mountains of fun. Each week the piles get bigger and bigger. I love going out and getting fun action shots of the kids as they roll, tumble, toss and bury themselves amongst Fall's bounty. Until today...

...I was happily driving home from preschool drop-off when I spotted a woman out walking her dog. She perched her beloved pet right on top of her neighbors leaf pile and let him take care of all his business!! I was speechless! Is this a common practice? Could my precious pile of fun really be a cesspool of animal bodily functions?

This may seem like no big deal to the animal lovers out there, but since I am not an animal lover I am especially disturbed! I would like my pile of leaves to stay fresh and untainted for my harvest play ground. I do not want to have everyones retrievers, poodles, and various mutts relieving themselves in my leaves!!! They are mine! Maybe I will post a sign:

"Family Leaf Pile. No dogs allowed"

Does anyone know if dog urine is sterile?


Laura B. said...

Oh heavens...that is the worst thing I've ever heard. Maybe there's something to be said for leaving your leaves in your yard until the last weekend!
On second thought, I like the sign better!

holly said...

Gross! I actually love dogs, its the people who own them who drive me crazy! Would you let your 3 year old just drop and relieve himself? Probably not! Sorry about that, Amanda. People can be so rude.

Jenni said...

I am such a mean Mom and do not let my kids frolic in the leaves,EVER...I learned the hard way what lurks in those leaves...and it's not always #1!


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