Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Yummy Yums!

I am a big fan of If you have not yet discovered it, then stop now and take a look. My favorite feature to the website is the Reviews. As a general practice I only bother to make recipes that have atleast 100 or more positive reviews. This way I can avoid wasting time with something that will be more enjoyed by the garbage disposal than my taste buds.

I was perusing last Sunday and decided to try and make the top rated cookie called "Beth's Spicy Oatmeal Raisin Cookie" It has 1291 reviews, so far, and still averages a 5 star rating. I love oatmeal cookies, but (sorry Dad, I know you are a big fan) I am not partial to raisins in them, so I replaced those with chocolate chips. (In case you do not know this already- chocolate makes everything better!) In addition I am not a big fan of Crisco- so I made them with all butter.
With those changes- I love this cookie! The added spices give them a little unexpected twist, and they are super chewy and delicious.
A bonus- the oatmeal is good for you- so that cancels out anything bad for you, such as the butter. Right? (A positive 5 plus a negative 5 equals zero. It's simple nutrition "math" people!)

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holly said...

I love allrecipes too! What a great thing to eliminate the disappointment of a very BAD new recipe. I will have to try this one.
Reading about digital scrapbooking has taken over my life. I love Andrea Gold's templates, but cannot make them work in pse. Any advice? How do you crop papers digitally to fit?


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