Wednesday, December 26, 2007

The Nativity Movie

Once again, my friend Rachel put together a great Nativity movie with our local kids. I think it's so beautiful. (Laura played Mary, and Tustin and Kimball were part of the Heavenly Hosts). I didn't get to enjoy it on Christmas Eve because, (lucky me), I was home from the party with the flu, but I watched it this morning from "YouTube". It always makes me cry.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Holiday. Even when you're sick it can't change the beauty of Christmas- that Jesus Christ, the Savior of all mankind was born.


Thursday, December 13, 2007

The Curse of the Blue Spruce!

the "good enough" tree

Last weekend we went to Maple Row Christmas Tree Farm in Connecticut for our annual cutting of the tree. Every year we head up there, take our tractor ride out to the fields, find our perfect tree, cut it down, ride the tractor back, and enjoy hot cocoa and donuts as we wait for the "tree-pick-up" guy to haul our tree down from the hill and beautifully wrap it in twine for us, ready to be strapped to the car. (Actually I should note here, that since our car does not have a roof rack, among a host of other nice modern features, that our friends the Schmidts strap our tree to their handy car as well. Thank You Michael!) Either way, it's been a great tradition and every year I have loved my beautiful fir tree.

Not this year.

Somehow we were dropped off by the tractor in the land of the Blue Spruce. First off, I've never been very partial to the blue-tinged tree. Instead, I prefer a really lush, dark green. But no matter how far I foraged in this field there was none to be found. To top that off, every tree that we found that was "good enough" ended up having a crazy twisted trunk. (That is a"no-go" if you want to avoid a battle of engineering to get your tree to stand up straight).
After searching long and hard, we finally just gave up and picked the only one we could find that didn't have scoliosis.

We got that over with, assuring ourselves that it would be beautiful once decorated, and heading back down the hill for the much anticipated cocoa and donuts. Guess what? They were sold out! (Karma is not on my side this year) Luckily for us, New Yorkers are obsessed with their Dunkin Donuts and they are on every other street corner.

We got the tree home and quickly learned that a Blue Spruce is not only very blue but full of killer needles, that we have now dubbed "torturous blades of pain." The simple act of hanging ornaments requires one to wear gloves. It hurts so bad, and being the control freak that I am in regards to the tree decor, it was all my pain to suffer! Why would someone breed this type of tree? It's painful nature steals the very spirit of Christmas right out of the person trying to "Deck the Halls!"

I suffered the pain, and the tree actually looked pretty nice. Then came last night.......CRASH! The entire tree fell over- dumping it's ornaments, ribbon and needles of pain everywhere!

I hate the blue spruce.(it's beautiful appearance tries to mask it's mean spirited nature)
The ward Christmas party is this coming Saturday and until it is over I will continue to ignore my blog, my children, the meals, and just about everything else. I am consumed with mangers, centerpieces, musical numbers and a myriad of sordid details that I'm hoping will come together to make a nice occasion for everyone. Wish us luck!

That being said- before I sign off for a few more weeks, once again ( I'll try and get back to posting after New Years)- I wanted to take a quick moment to post a few of our happenings.

Last week Stanton and I went to the Chris Daughtry concert in Manhattan with some friends. So much fun! I love my boy from American Idol! Here's some pictures of Daughtry in action.


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