Thursday, December 13, 2007

The ward Christmas party is this coming Saturday and until it is over I will continue to ignore my blog, my children, the meals, and just about everything else. I am consumed with mangers, centerpieces, musical numbers and a myriad of sordid details that I'm hoping will come together to make a nice occasion for everyone. Wish us luck!

That being said- before I sign off for a few more weeks, once again ( I'll try and get back to posting after New Years)- I wanted to take a quick moment to post a few of our happenings.

Last week Stanton and I went to the Chris Daughtry concert in Manhattan with some friends. So much fun! I love my boy from American Idol! Here's some pictures of Daughtry in action.


lisapow said...

I just finished a ward christmas party (all adults - very nice!) but after that was over I had to teach RS on Sunday. Then, scouts and now help Justin run his first pack meeting. I thought Idaho was supposed to be easier :) Good luck - I am sure it will be great!
Take a deep breath. It will all work out!!

Danika said...

When I was Activities Chairman (which was my LEAST favorite calling EVER) two years ago our Christmas Party was Dec. 17, due to my being called in October and the previous Chairman not scheduling the building in was the worst, craziest, busiest December ever. Good luck - I hope yours goes smoothly.


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