Thursday, January 10, 2008

No more Guitar Hero for us!

This is a cartoon impersonation of the "visitor" our house had while we were on vacation.

We arrived home late Saturday night, and everything appeared normal. We were gone most of the following Sunday, and then came Monday morning when a police detective knocked on my door to announce, "Excuse me ma'am, but we believe your house has been robbed."

"What!?" Of course I assumed there was a mistake. How could my house have been broken into and I not know it? So- the officer explained that they had been following a man whom they believed to be guilty of burglarizing homes in the area- and that they lost track of him in our yard where they also believed he had entered our home. So we went on a scavenger hunt to see what may or may not have been taken.

First-- we found that two of our screens had been slashed and that, lucky us, one of our kitchen windows was not actually been locked as it should have been.

Second, our home security system control box, ( which we have never used before- and as of tomorrow will become fully activated and set at all times due to the fact that I am now a paranoid freak out!) was ripped off the wall and hanging by all it's wires.

Third- One of Stanton's beloved Leatherman multi-tolls which I think cost way more than they should, was missing from our bedroom drawer. ( ewww! he was in my bedroom going through drawers! What if he slept or showered here? Just the thought makes me want to remodel and buy all new furniture- which if I'm being honest I wanted to do anyway.)

And fourth- and most sad for our family- he stole or Wii PlayStation! No more Dance Dance Revolution! No more Guitar Hero! No more bowling, tennis and boxing with little animated figures!

My entire house is now tainted. I used to think, "Gee our house is small and the walls are closing in on me, but at least we live in a good neighborhood." Whatever!! All I can think now is that I live in the hood and have to get out!

All the things that used to bother me about the house now seem to overwhelm me. It's not just that the counter tops slope and the tile floor is old and dingy, it's that my neighbors are on drugs and likely to break in and steal my old decrepit TV at any moment so they can pawn it for quick cash to buy their crack!

Deep Breath......... It could be worse. He didn't take anything of real value. ( well actually, I don't own any "things" I would put in that category anyway.) Thank goodness I was not at home, because that would have scarred me permanently and our house would be on the market this very day.

And the the best news? They got the "perp" that same day. (As he was climbing out the window of another neighbors home.) Also, They found our stuff ( although we've been told that it's "evidence" and we may never get it back). The boys were very excited to spend a few hours at the station talking with all the cool cops and looking at their neat things. And now I feel quite close and bonded with our local police authorities, which was NOT the case a few months back!

So all is well that ends well, and I'm hoping that in a few months I can laugh about this and not wish I could escape these now tainted walls.


holly said...

Wow! What a scary ordeal. I can imagine how violated you would feel---why don't you move back to CA? :) There are no burglaries here. haha
HOpe you get your stuff back and all is well.

Jenn S. said...

Oh man! That's awful - I would feel so violated too. So glad they found him! (and I actually do have a story of a construction worker and his girlfriend who were sleeping and showering at our house before we moved (though we did own it)in and while they were doing some work on our house, they even used my towels! EWWWWW!)

jenafeldman said...

I am so sorry...if it makes you feel any better, creeps target "upscale" neighborhoods too. My friend had a rash of thefts sweep through their neighborhood in a really nice area of SLC recently. Sigh.....but don't let this stop you from redecorating and buying all new furniture!

Beth said...

That's awful, Amanda, I'm sorry!

Mo said...

Amanda, if it makes you feel better I rifled through your bedroom drawers as well.

Laura B. said...

Ewwww...this just gives me the heebie-jeebies! You totally deserve new furniture for this (and maybe a new security system!

Amanda Neilson said...

Robert- I feel much more comfortable with you "rifling" than with "Mike-Nice" (the self-given name of our burglar)

JRose said...

Oh my goodness Amanda, my roomates and I were burglarized in Provo and we felt so violated. Sometimes people are such losers! Sorry your brood had to endure that!


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