Sunday, January 13, 2008

Thank You Elmo!

As of two days ago Laura, my 3-yr.-old, had absolutely no interest in using any other receptacle for her "business" than the all too expensive "Pull-Ups." I had given up hope and was looking for a way to be at peace with my load of never ending diapers.

Then a miracle happened. His name is Elmo.

Friday, Laura sat down to play some computer games and happened upon the Sesame Street website where Elmo has a little video all about "using the potty." This little video is repetitive and somewhat annoying, but I will love it forever, because it was the magic my daughter needed to finally become a "big girl."

We are now wearing panties and I'm so happy about it, I think I could cry!

Now, if I could just get my six-year-old night trained, I could finally be diaper free! (If any one has any tips in that area of my parenting life I would greatly appreciate it. I've given up.)


Lynita said...

Congrats on Laura's big girl steps! We love Sesame Workshop too, Elmo is good for some stuff, but anoying after a while. On the night training this is what I did...first I bought the plastic sheet to protect the mattress. Then nothing to drink for 1 hour before bed. Then potty before bed, no matter what! Then for 1-3 weeks you go and take them to the bathroom before you go to bed, usually a couple hours after they've been asleep. It isn't very fun but after just 2 weeks Kaitlyn has had no more accidents! No more pull-ups! My sister-in-law gave me this advice, and she has five kids so I think it works pretty well! Good LUCK!

Laura B. said...

Yay for Elmo! Whatever works, right? Congrats!!!

holly said...

Congratulations! I am getting mighty tired of Julie's diapers, she has a HUGE opposition to the potty. It's not worth a battle yet.
Good luck with Kimball. My mom tried all kinds of things with me. I finally just outgrew it.

Becky said...

Good job Laura!! What a big girl!!
We have that same problem at our house - with night time. The remedy really depends on when he is having his accidents...early or late in his sleep. Our pediatrician has given us a few tips - let's chat!! (too much to post)

Beth said...

Is that a video or a "game?" Chris and I watched it (I'm toilet-training now -- yuck -- I HATE it!) for about 20 minutes before we stopped. Thanks for the tip, though -- annoying or not, I'm desperate! Maybe some of that got ingrained, (I hope!) because I'm ready to quit.

Hopefully I can post our toilet-training accomplishment soon!



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