Thursday, February 14, 2008

Keith Urban- I LOVE YOU!!

If only I had really been this close!

That big screen was great for those of us way up high!

I just got home from an amazing concert at Madison Square Garden. I went with great friends: the Roddys, Schmidts, and LaBelles, and (since Stanton is out of town and I did not want to sit home and miss out on this) my friend Jen took his ticket and came with me.
Carrie Underwood and Keith Urban are on tour together. I've always been a big Carrie fan- but by the end of the night it was all Keith for me! That man is gifted!! I love his music- but you can't really appreciate it, and him, until you see him in person. I had no idea that he was that good. And not to mention- he is pretty dang gorgeous!

He can play the guitar like you wouldn't believe! I've never even cared for the electric guitar much before tonight ( I guess I've always asssociated it with heavy metal music which was never my thing)- but when he played it, it was again - breathtakingly awesome! He was an amazing performer. I want to listen to his music over and over now. It was so much fun!!

I can't even think of what else to say- it left me speechless!

If you can get a chance to see this concert- go. He is unbelievably good!

(Seriously- I'm all a flutter about it even now!)


Lindsay said...

Ooh fun! I have been a Keith Urban fan for a long time.

Denise said...

I must stink, because we are just never invited to these things. I have been a Keith Urban fan for awhile. That Aussie can really sing.

Amanda Neilson said...

Denise- oooh- you're a fan too? I wasn't in charge of getting these tickets- but I am thinking about trying to get to every country concert I can. Now that I know you are interested I'll put you on the list. Oh- and I think you smell very nice!

JRose said...

So jealous Amanda! What fun!

lisapow said...

he is very talented. Can't wait to see him in concert!

ohhh and out west....they have at least 4 country stations...

ha you see a them in my comments

lisapow said...

oops "theme"


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