Monday, February 25, 2008

One Hill of FUN!

(I'm still camera-less and I'm finding that it really lessens my ambition for blogging! Without a picture to post this loses some of its fun).....anyway....

Since we never got the chance during last weeks vacation to hit the slopes, I decided to extended our week of no school by one day and head up to ThunderRidge this morning. It's a local ski-hill up in Patterson. I call it a "hill," because really that is all it is. There are three chairlifts that allow you to come down basically the same exact run.... the east side, the middle or the west side. It's perfect for beginners and we had a great time. An added bonus?- the weather was absolutely beautiful today. We hardly needed coats at all. Another bonus? We were one of about 15 people there, so it felt like we had the place to ourselves.

Kimball finally learned how to turn and how to stop. Pheww!! Previous to this day his technique was something like "Go that way really fast, and if something gets in your way....." - don't turn!! ( bonus points for anyone who can name that movie- one of of my all time favorites.) For awhile I was worried he was going to kill himself, an innocent bystander, or even a helpless little tree with his crazy-no-fear technique!

Tustin became so confident that he wanted to advance to the "intermediate" runs and even went off on his own for awhile. (before anyone freaks that I let him do this- might I remind you about the "one hill" terrain of ThunderRidge. He could go as far as he wanted and I could still probably see him.)

As we left Tustin said, "Mom, thanks so much for bringing us. This was a great day!" Unprompted gratitude from one of my children!! That is a big thing for me as a mom and just about brought me to tears!

Sometimes, ditching school and being together is just what the doctor ordered.

It was a great, great day.


Lynita said...

That sounds like so much fun! Is that quote from Better Off Dead? One of my all time favorites too! I love it when he says, "Do you know the street value of this mountain?!" LOL. I am sorry about your camera, I hope you can get one soon!

Amanda Neilson said...

There are so many great quotes from that movie, such as .... "You like raisins!"

nice to know a fellow fan!

Becky said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE that movie!!!
Anyway, wish we could have joined you - sounds like you had so much fun - what a cool mom you are!!

Erin said...

Did you enjoy some "Franch bread" or "peru" while on the hill?? :) Sounds like a good time.

Cyndi said...

Amanda, I am now entering the blogging world and your blog made me laugh. I love the love sac/latrine story. One of my students peed on my piano bench and I have never felt the same love for it since. PS - My blog is


lisapow said...

another thing being out west is better for....convince you yet?
Andrew has ski club at school. They take the kids on the bus to the ski resort. Sometimes I am lucky to get to chaperons. Of course, Andrew has now surpassed me in his skiing abilities.


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