Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Some New Favorites

My kitchen has been completely transformed this year by the use of some terrifc new gadgets I got for Christmas, so I thought I would share. Here are three of my top rated:

This appliance is everything they say it is! I use it almost every day, and an added bonus?- it's cute red color. I can leave it on the countertop and it fits right in with my decor! It is awesome! I can cook salmon fillets or chicken breasts in about 3 minutes! (I used to boil chicken for soups or even broil it sometimes- but that either took too long or gave me unreliable results, like leathery meat) I've even put frozen breasts on it (because I never actually get around to the whole -"plan the meals and defrost the meat in the fridge the night before - routine.) and with a couple added minutes they cook up marvelously!

Another added bonus about this "speed cooking" is that I no longer feel a sense of panic at 5 o'clock when I haven't planned any dinner and my hungry children turn into violent, screaming, whining beasts because they haven't been fed yet. ( Stanton would be sure and interject here that they get this whole "I'm starving and will be unreasonable and unkind to all" trait from me. Sadly, on this one account I must concede and admit my guilty genes.) But no longer! Now I can whip out a hot meal in matter of minutes. I love it! Love it!
( Thanks Mom and Dad for a great gift.)

I have mentioned before that I am an easy sell when it comes to infomercials, but when I first saw the TV Ad for The Magic Bullet I was skeptical. It jusn't didn't seem like something I would ever use. But, I changed my mind after a conversation with my sister, Wendy, who I was surprised to learn actually owns one and thinks it is terrific.
So I added this little gadget to my wish list, and Christmas morning I was delighted to find it under the tree from my in-laws. ( Thanks again Ralph and Katherine. It's the best!) I have used this kitchen toy almost every day since as well. It is terrific. It's small and can stay on the counter top without making a big scene. I love that you can blend a quick little smoothie in the very cup that you drink out of. It negates so much mess. It's super user friendly and it's easy for the kids to use themselves. I've even grinded wheat in it to make bread. ( It took a while because I had to do it in small batches- but it worked!) It gets 5 stars from me!

I have a paasion for mangoes and average about 1 a day. The biggest draw-back to this love of mine is that mangoes are not easy to slice. They have a large oblong seed that is diffiecult to work around and still get nice pieces that are'nt smushed and mutilated. With practice, I got pretty good at it, but still this tool makes it so simple! Love it! Love it! Another winner from Santa! ( thanks Stanton!)


Danika said...

These are 3 exact things that are on my current wish list, but I wasn't sure if they worked well or if I'd use them. Thanks for the tips!

Lynita said...

I love mangos too, so I told cupid that I would really love the mango slicer, maybe if I am good I will get it. I think the GF grill will be under the tree for Christmas as well, I have been wanting one for a while!


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