Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Start of a 2008 Collection

I finished this outfit for Laura last week. It has a really cute peasant style dress that goes under this one with flounced sleeves and a ruffle that peeks out below. Unfortunately she refuses to wear that part of the ensemble. Oh well, we can't win them all. This is the best picture I could get before the battery on my old camera died on me.

The Blessings of Humidity.

I've never been a big fan of humid weather- I like things warm and dry. But since we live in the east I have come to accept that it is an inescapable part of my life and I might as well look for the good in all this wetness.

Well, I have found the good. For 3 1/2 years I have waited to be able to say something nice about my daughters hair. For the most part, she hasn't had any, and when she finally did get some, it was so nasty and stringy that she earned herself a nickname of "Gollum" from her father. ( for those of you who can't remember who that is, think "my precious.....my precious.....") well, I think the bulk of our sad days may be over thanks to the dreaded humidity.

We had a relatively warm day a few weeks ago and took our kids out to play on the rocks at the beach. I took the time to snap a few photos of Laura and I noticed an exciting transformation that the salty wet air treated us to. Her stringy, lack luster hair turned into a head full of wispy curls! I could have cried, I was so happy!

I have since invested in all sorts of curl enhancing hair products and must say that the results have been quite pleasing. She'll probably never have thick gorgeous locks, but we'll take what we can get.

Yeah for humidity!!

Fabulous Easter!

I love the way Laura's Easter dress turned out this year. The best part?... She loved it too. Nothing is more frustrating than spending hours at the sewing machine only to have the creation completely rejected by her! It is so exasperating when they get an opinion! But, I lucked out on this one- she thought it was a winner. I took her to the bathroom at church on Sunday and she stopped in front of the full length mirror to check herself out. She was quite pleased because she announced to all the other bathroom patrons, "FABULOUS!. I look FABULOUS today!!"

The boys looked quite handsome as well, although I couldn't get them to smile "normal" in a single picture! (I debated making them some matching pink-polka-dotted ties, but I felt confident their father wouldn't actually let them wear them, so what would be the point?) I still think it could have been cute!

Friday, March 14, 2008

Won't You Be My Neighbor!

Two days ago I got into a conversation with my neighbor and he let me know that his wife had been ill. In fact, she had been taken by ambulance the previous night due to a blood clot and had suffered a mild heart attack. Geepers! Then he confesses that he did not go to the hospital with her because it was late at night and he couldn't leave the children who were fast asleep in their beds.

This is where my stomach dropped and I realized what a rotten neighbor I have been. Sure, I've been friendly. I smile and wave and comment on the weather whenever we both happen to be outside, but that's about it. Not once have I invited their family over or taken them Christmas cookies. I've never bothered to get past any formalities and become more than just "Mrs. Whats-Her-Name." For crying out loud- I didn't even know their last name until this week! And now, when they could have really used some help, I was of course oblivious and they were of course uncomfortable calling on me for their aid. In all reality I am a stranger, and most people do not trust strangers to watch their kids or seek them out for help when they are in need.

If I had taken the time to be a friend they could have called on me and he could have been with his wife in that ambulance instead of sending her off and desperately hoping she would be all right and come back to him. (The image of that makes me nauseous and horrified!! I am a wretch!!!)

To put it all in a nutshell. I am ashamed of my un-neighborliness and I vow to reform.

So.... I made this little map. Looking at it embarrasses me. I have lived her for 4 years and it is inexcusable that there are so many question marks on it.

Who are these people? I must fill in these blanks!!

If you happen to be one of my friendly neighbors, please accept my apologies for being self-absorbed and unaware of you. And now- be prepared to be bombarded!!

In a few years I might be known as "Mrs. Always- Bringing-Cookies-and-In-Our-Business," but at least you'll know me, and possibly feel comfortable giving me a ring should you need some care and help from a good neighbor.


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