Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Fabulous Easter!

I love the way Laura's Easter dress turned out this year. The best part?... She loved it too. Nothing is more frustrating than spending hours at the sewing machine only to have the creation completely rejected by her! It is so exasperating when they get an opinion! But, I lucked out on this one- she thought it was a winner. I took her to the bathroom at church on Sunday and she stopped in front of the full length mirror to check herself out. She was quite pleased because she announced to all the other bathroom patrons, "FABULOUS!. I look FABULOUS today!!"

The boys looked quite handsome as well, although I couldn't get them to smile "normal" in a single picture! (I debated making them some matching pink-polka-dotted ties, but I felt confident their father wouldn't actually let them wear them, so what would be the point?) I still think it could have been cute!

1 comment:

Heidi Ashton said...

LOVE THE DRESS!!!Chloe would love to wear it too


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