Friday, April 11, 2008


American Idol lost Michael Johns last night and I'm really bugged about it! Who is voting out there? You are messing up my show. I do not want to listen to Kristy Lee Cook for another week. Why is she still in this thing?

Such a bummer.


Denise said...

Could not agree with you more. My gasp was audible for miles. That was a complete shocker -- and really he has one of the best voices this season. I bet he'll still get a record deal, though. (I hope)

lisapow said...

he was way to hot to be voted off. We need the women our age to be voting more.

holly said...

So I didn't get to see this elimination...I am SHOCKED!!! What? He was one of my favorites to win the whole thing! Great voice, seriously good looking...I don't know if I can even watch any more!
I agree about Kristy Lee Cook. She is painful each week. Let's hope she bombs this Tuesday. :)

Anne said...

loved him, loved him, loved him! i actually downloaded his dolly parton song from a couple weeks ago-----how sexy was that?! did i mention that i loved him?

Amanda Neilson said...

I love that you all loved him too! Great minds think alike. The good news is he's sure to get a record deal and then we can all become groupies!


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