Sunday, May 04, 2008

A Huge Catch Up!

I have dropped off the blogging planet for awhile. The odds are it will happen again many times over. I will never reach the "daily-blogger" status, if one can call it that. My crazy, non-digital, life seems to take over and either leave me with no free time- or no energy to actually do anything in that free-time.

Once the kids are in bed, I often find my brain switches to hibernation mode, and I can't hardly think of a coherent thought, much less write one. Being a Mom is a constant switch from "go-go-go," to complete exhaustion. Maybe someday I'll learn to find a happy medium.....

Anyway, rather than bypass all the last months happenings that I never mentioned, I thought I would give a quick summary of what I think are some of it's highlights! .....

April 12- We started our garden. Rather than buy the more expensive plants, we started from seeds this year. The kids loved being able pick their own fruit/vegetable.

Stanton is determined to grow 300lb. pumpkins this year and purchased special seeds that hopefully will do the trick.
Planting day even won us a cute picture. Yeah!!!It was only about 3 days before the lettuce sprang up! I can't wait for those salads. The neighborhood bunnies better back off this year!!
April 14th- We had a very bouncy Family Home Evening. We joined up with the Schmidts to have Jumper Ball races. They make adult sizes now, and they are so much fun!! (You can get them here if you're interested)
The starting line....
.....and the finish line!
April 21- drove to Philadelphia with friends to check out the "Star Wars" exhibit at the Franklin Institute. For my own two "Jedi's" ( who wore their cloaks and all) it was terrific. I just had a great time getting away and hanging out with the other mom's.
April 25th- We had an "Under The Sea Adventure" birthday party for Kimball. His actual birthday is two days after Christmas, but let's face it, that is a total bummer, so we held off the celebration with his friends until warmer weather allowed us to keep the party outdoors.
I thought the cake turned out terrific, thanks to Family Fun and a lot of crafty Mom's on the web who post their pictures and ideas for me to plagiarize!
April 28th- We celebrated Tustin's 9th birthday. We'll have his party in a few weeks from now, but for the actual day he chose these fruit tarts from Costco instead of cake. Grandma and Grandpa sent Tustin this Lego Star Wars contraption and he could not have been more pleased. Currently it is overtaking the dining room on various cookie sheets and trays as he figures it all out! We'll be sure and give it a prime shelf location when he's finished. Tustin got his first IPOD! It seems like such a "big kid" thing. Where is my little boy disappearing to? Sigh....May 2nd- Laura fell out of bed and broke her collarbone. (I really need to bedazzle the ugly sling she has to wear.) The good news is that the orthopedic assures me that kid's bones are somewhat magical and she will be back to normal in just a few weeks, with no remaining scars or bumps. May 3rd- I ran in the Revlon Run/Walk 5k in Manhattan, along with some friends and thousands of others. It was great fun. Short and sweet! I love this confetti shot at the START line. It' amazing to me that they can completely shut down roads in New York City for these things. What a great place to live!
So, that's about it. Hopefully it won't be another month before I find time to write again.


Becky said...

what a fun and busy month you had! so sad i missed the run - looks like you had a great time!

lisapow said...

What a great run/walk I tried relentlessly to get you guys to do something like that with me! Glad to see you all are coming around! Isn't it AMAZING!!!

Beth said...

How fun! Your garden sounds great, and the race looks very fun. I'm glad to see the update.

holly said...

AAHHH! How do I leave comments when you blog about a month at a time? hee hee hee
Love Kimball's cake, great job. Tustin wanted tarts instead of cake? Is this not the same kid who drank melted ice cream as a baby? What is up with that?
congratulations on running. That looks like fun.
We used to have those bouncy things...we called them hoppity horses. I want one now for me!
So sad about Laura's collar bone! Landon just fell out of bed the other night...maybe I'll need to stack more pillows. :)
Glad you are doing well. Cute kids, cute family, I'm excited to see your massive pumpkins. Keep us posted.

holly said...

How do I comment on so many things?
Loved Kimball's cake, I can't wait to see your massive pumpkins, so sad about Laura's collar bone, Tustin prefers tarts over cake? Is this not the same child who drank melted ice cream as a toddler?

holly said...

Sorry...I thought my first comment didn't work, so then I put in my abridged you have 3 comments from me.
I'm so lame.

Cyndi said...

Love the garden! I might try doing the seeds next year instead of the more expensive plants. It just gets so crazy at this time of year that I usually cheat!


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