Thursday, June 19, 2008

I've never been an "Austin Powers" fan. My husband loves him, but I find him gross and disturbing. However, I have discovered a little bit of charm from him that now boosts my everyday life.

Let me explain...

Last Christmas I bought Stanton a GPS Navigation system to have in the car, and since he's rarely home to drive anywhere, I'm the one who benefits most from the gift. ( I love presents like that!) I think it's great fun driving around town having a friendly voice tell me where to go. I even turn it on when I'm driving the carpool and to various locations that I hardly need any help navigating- I just like the adult company. ( Hopefully, that doesn't leave me sounding nearly as pathetic as I think it might.)

Anyway, I usually have the navigator using an Irish or British accent, (those are so much more distinguished sounding than our Yankee-ness), but the other day Stanton added another voice for me to try...Yep, you guessed it----"Austin Powers!"

Ewwww, I thought. The last thing I want is to be accompanied on my drives by a nasty, womanizing, disco freak!

And then "Austin" spoke to me. The next day when I arrived where I wanted to go he announced my route completion with the usual, "you have reached your destination" phrase that all previous navigators had used. But, then he did something different. He shouted "Groovy Driving!! Yeahhhh!"

I love it! How nice to be complemented. No other navigator had ever done that. It made me feel groovy indeed!

So, "Austin" is here to stay. He's my buddy, and I love that he makes me feel extra special every time I get to a new place. What a guy!

Although, I still think the movies are lame. Sorry honey.

Neilson Happenings

We spent the last week in California celebrating a number of special occasions with my family and with Stanton's. We had such a great time, and it was sad to return home only to have to go back to school. (Here in NY we have school until the end of June! Yucky, with a capital Y!! Once June hits it's supposed to be summer people! I need some free time.)

Stanton's younger brother had his two little boys blessed by Grandpa. It was so great to see everyone who traveled in from out of town.

Laura playing "mommy" with her cousin Carson.
My brother Tyler came home from his mission to Spain. We spent the day making signs and banners and blowing up balloons so we could give him a proper and very exuberant "Welcome Home." Times like these call for some of that cheesy family stuff. My kids loved it. And we especially loved seeing him again.
I always love it when we get a cute photo. As usual, Kimball wasn't looking, but I've learned to just be grateful that he no longer pulls a "Ninja Turtle"/karate pose. I'll take the normal child- looking or not- over that any day.
Grandma Greene bought some new Big Wheels ( These are awesome! You can get them here.) and the boys spent hours having their own version Nascar.
The kids with Grandma and Grandpa Neilson.
Nobody loves you like the Grandparenst. My kids are so spoiled!
We head back west in just a few weeks for a long summer trip. I'll be in California with the kids for nearly a month! I can't wait.

The Recorder Concert

Tustin ready for his solo jazz career!
At our elementary school all third graders learn to play the recorder. Ahhh the recorder, what a lovely sounding soothing to the ears and most enjoyable while driving a car...
...Seriously though, the recorder? Could there be a more obnoxious instrument? (especially when played by a beginner.) I realize that the recorder is most likely chosen because it can be acquired in mass quantities for a very low price, and is relatively easy to play. But, with the high taxes I pay, can't we try getting guitars or something? Anything but the recorder! Come on!!!....
...Now that that's off my chest, I have to say that Tustin has absolutely LOVED playing it, and when the entire 3nd grade class performed in their "concert" it was actually quite charming. A hundred recorders playing together in a large room, accompanied by a piano and some singing can be delightful, and it really was. ( I think I even cried at one point.)
But, one lone recorder in my kitchen, living room and vehicle? No Thanks!


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