Thursday, June 19, 2008

I've never been an "Austin Powers" fan. My husband loves him, but I find him gross and disturbing. However, I have discovered a little bit of charm from him that now boosts my everyday life.

Let me explain...

Last Christmas I bought Stanton a GPS Navigation system to have in the car, and since he's rarely home to drive anywhere, I'm the one who benefits most from the gift. ( I love presents like that!) I think it's great fun driving around town having a friendly voice tell me where to go. I even turn it on when I'm driving the carpool and to various locations that I hardly need any help navigating- I just like the adult company. ( Hopefully, that doesn't leave me sounding nearly as pathetic as I think it might.)

Anyway, I usually have the navigator using an Irish or British accent, (those are so much more distinguished sounding than our Yankee-ness), but the other day Stanton added another voice for me to try...Yep, you guessed it----"Austin Powers!"

Ewwww, I thought. The last thing I want is to be accompanied on my drives by a nasty, womanizing, disco freak!

And then "Austin" spoke to me. The next day when I arrived where I wanted to go he announced my route completion with the usual, "you have reached your destination" phrase that all previous navigators had used. But, then he did something different. He shouted "Groovy Driving!! Yeahhhh!"

I love it! How nice to be complemented. No other navigator had ever done that. It made me feel groovy indeed!

So, "Austin" is here to stay. He's my buddy, and I love that he makes me feel extra special every time I get to a new place. What a guy!

Although, I still think the movies are lame. Sorry honey.


lisapow said...

I love Austin Powers. I need to get a GPS system. I need the company.

nyclizzie said...

I'm always amazed that John Cleese doesn't tell me what a dumb you know what I am when I miss a turn or decide to go a different way. My DH tells me there is one you can download that gives you insults. I may try that for a laugh!

Lynita said...

That is great, I wish someone would compliment me on my driving! Although any time that Ethan hears a horn honk in our vicinity he shouts,"Get out of the road!" Something he learned from his dad!

Cyndi said...

I totally agree with the adjectives "gross" and "disturbing," and yet, it might be nice to have a friend in the car! My Grandma used to love her car because there was a voice that would tell her that her door was ajar. It was her friend too. Pretty awesome.

ZAC said...

That's a riot. I have to admit I never thought I'd like Austin Powers myself but once I got sucked into one of his movies (by default) I couldn't help but find myself laughing at him.

This is Zabel (ZAC)


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