Thursday, June 19, 2008

The Recorder Concert

Tustin ready for his solo jazz career!
At our elementary school all third graders learn to play the recorder. Ahhh the recorder, what a lovely sounding soothing to the ears and most enjoyable while driving a car...
...Seriously though, the recorder? Could there be a more obnoxious instrument? (especially when played by a beginner.) I realize that the recorder is most likely chosen because it can be acquired in mass quantities for a very low price, and is relatively easy to play. But, with the high taxes I pay, can't we try getting guitars or something? Anything but the recorder! Come on!!!....
...Now that that's off my chest, I have to say that Tustin has absolutely LOVED playing it, and when the entire 3nd grade class performed in their "concert" it was actually quite charming. A hundred recorders playing together in a large room, accompanied by a piano and some singing can be delightful, and it really was. ( I think I even cried at one point.)
But, one lone recorder in my kitchen, living room and vehicle? No Thanks!


holly said...

ha ha...we had three recorders in our house when I was growing up. We used to "play" them by blowing into them as hard as possible, no notes, just loud screeching. It wasn't pleasant.
A car is MUCH too small for that type of playing. Yikes!

lisapow said...

That is too funny. Tustin is growing up. He looks so old already!

esmith2112 said...

I agree with that the sound of a recorder being played poorly can really grate on one's nerves, but when played skillfully, I find it very pleasing and relaxing. I'll see if I can find a good recorder recording (that sounds funny) to see if I can sway you.

Lynita said...

That picture is outrageous! I am with you, we recently discovered the not so melodious sounds that can come from a plastic recorder. I don't even allow those types of toys in my house, for the good of the entire family!


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