Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Vampire Love!

I've been incognito for awhile now. Summer has a way of keeping me from the computer- which is actually a good thing if you think about it. I've noticed (by checking in on a few of my fellow bloggers), that the excitement and bliss of carefree summer days has affected many of you likewise. It comforts me to know I'm not the only one who has failed to post since mid June.

I'm still in California- but couldn't resist sharing a little about my passion this week. Yep- you guessed it-- vampire love!! (Many of you "literary" types who roll their eyes at anything less posh than Dickens just move aside- I am a simple woman and I absolutely love this stuff!) The fourth book in the Twilight series was fabulous. I prepared myself by re-reading the first 3 books this week. I highly recommend doing that. I can't believe how many of the little details I had forgotten. I love fun writers like this. Who knew a vampire could be so delicious?

The only drawback is that it's over. That's always the sad part about finishing a good book. It's like saying goodbye to a close friend. Sigh.........

I won't spoil it by saying much more- just read it!


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