Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Kitchen- Part 2

We took out the fridge as well as the cabinets above it. The peninsula is gone as well. Boy does my kitchen feel huge!

I knew that my cabinets were pretty "bargain basement," but I was still surprised to find that they were mostly made of a cardboard material- not even plywood! Worse than that- they were not even screwed to the wall. They were nailed on like swiss cheese! Crazy!! I guess the previous owners didn't want to bother finding any studs so they just threw in a bunch of nails and hoped they would stay put. Double Crazy!! I'm lucky they didn't tumble off the wall and squish me! I had no idea they were this bad! I'm so glad to be rid of them.

Hopefully the last section of cabinets will hold to the wall for another week or so....


Anne said...

yikes--that is scary! i bet it feels good to be making progress, though.

Erin said...

Well, if they had fallen, they probably wouldn't have hurt that bad...given their "quality" construction! :)

Looks like you are making lots of fun progress!

Lynita said...

Wow those people were crazy! I am glad you didn't get smushed or any of the kids either!


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