Saturday, September 06, 2008

New Hair?

I saw this add in a magazine and pulled it out to put on my refrigerator. Could I pull this look off? I love it on her, and I WANT to love it on me.

It's a little bit sassy, and slightly messy- which my hair always is anyway (the messy part, I mean)- so maybe that would be the way to go, rather than struggling with a roll brush and flat iron everyday.

The sticky part? I think I would need to get a perm which I have not done since the 80's. ( do salons still give those?) Once upon a time my hair was naturally curly enough to do this- but not anymore. Do they have really big rollers so i don't get the Q-Tip look?

The big worry? What if the stylist doesn't do it just right? This is a haircut that could very easily look bad, and stick me in the 1980's "Mom-Do" category, and I can't wear a baseball cap to church.

Thoughts anyone? Should I go for it, or is it too big of a risk?


Anne said...

i think it's really cute but if i am being honest, i think it might make you look older. i could be wrong though. maybe it's just because the girl in the picture is older than you.

About Memoir Mentor said...

I cut out this photo as well and took it to my hairstylist last time I went in for a cut. I, too, was trying to get THE LOOK without having to get a perm. She told me to curl my hair with a curling iron, then mist it and scrunch/mess with it a bit to get the desired affect. I haven't yet done it, however, maybe because I know I'll never get my hair to look as good as the model's hair in the picture. I guess we have more in common than Jane Austen!

Dawn Thurston

holly said...

Go for it, Amanda! Even bad hair cuts grow out...I think it would look so cute on you. Although, the perm makes me nervous. :)

Danika said...

Scroll down through my blog (it was like a month ago). I put a cool link on there that you can put your photo in and then try and see what a hairstyle looks like on you. Maybe that will help you decide if you like it???

Becky said...

I LOVE it - I think you would look fabulous - the perm does make me slightly nervous - but not if you go to someone you totally trust (maybe you need to go to utah with me next time I go) :)
You can always get it straightened if you don't like it - I think you should totally go for it!!

Rhettand Leslie said...

You could pull off any hair style. Be daring! I let mom do my hair last week and ended up with orange roots and purple ends. Hair Grows, right?

lisapow said...

I say go for it. It is only hair and it will always grow back if you don't like it. Right now I have bleach blonde hair...the blondest it has ever been and some of my friends love it on me but I personally HATE IT! Can't wait to go back dark again...I

Denise said...

Hmmm, this looks like your daughter's hair looks currently. I'm not sure you want to look just like your 4 year old. And btw, your hair is never messy. Not ever. I should know -- I'm an expert at hair unkemptness.

Lynita said...

So I loved the way your hair looked on Sunday. But that seems like a lot of work to have to pull out the curling iron every day. Personally I would try the perm with someone you trust, but I love the length you have now. It was totally sassy and cute at church and it really suits you. But with the shorter hair you might end up with an 80's look. But then again I always wear my hair in a ponytail, so your hair looks better than mine all the time! LOL!


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