Friday, September 26, 2008

An Update- Finally!

I lost my Internet connection last week due to some some confusion with Verizon. It has taken them an entire week to get me back online!! So Frustrating!!! I called their "helpful" technicians every single day for the past week, and finally found one today who actually new what he was doing. Yeah!!

I didn't realize until this experience how much I rely on the
Internet. Sure, I use the web for communication- but most importantly it has become my friendly "Great Big Book of Everything" that I turn to with all the constant questions that plague me. Such as: How much Motrin do I give to my kid again? Is this weird lump cancer? How do I make that yummy pizza dough? And, especially at a time like this when I am trying to be my own contractor- What grade of plywood do I need for a subfloor? Should I use nails or screws? I had to borrow friends' computers to research all this stuff- and I'm sure they did not appreciate me hogging their personal screen time!.... Verizon, Schmizon!!!

With that said, here is all the latest on our Kitchen:

We finished the demo and then had some new plumbing and a ton of new electrical done.
After all the hard labor with demolition we were left with calloused hands, sore backs and a patio that looked like this:

Thus, we ordered one of these lovely dumpsters and filled it to the very brim! ( When it came time to fill this sucker my sister-in-law happened to be visiting and I convinced her to help me "woman-handle" the mess. Kimberly you are awesome! Thanks a million!)

Next Step: Stanton and I stayed up late for a few nights to lay a new layer of sub floor. ( Our old one was terrible and could hardly support my 3 yr.old!) Doesn't it look so pretty?
Then the drywall company came. They still have to finish with the second layer- but just looking at the new walls as they are now makes me feel all giddy inside.
The wood floor company is here today to install my new wood transitions and the tile guy comes on Monday. It will be so nice to have a real floor again! So far everything is moving along according to schedule. (Knock on wood!!)


Anne said...

this is some real progress!!

lisapow said...

It looks great! But...AMANDA...your NUTS :) have some serious determination here. I don't think I would have been able to do all that on my own.

Lynita said...

Wow! I am so amazed at how you guys are just tackling this huge job! Of course I know a large part of it is being "woman handled" by you, very impressive but not surprising. I hope things continue to progress and that very soon you will have your new kitchen!

holly said...

i'm so happy for you. It is going to be so fun when it is finished. BTW, I am exactly like you with the internet. It has become my encyclopedia, much to Brian's chagrin...especially when I look up medical questions. hee hee

Erin said...

I hate Verizon service! I spent HOURS on the phone with them only to end up telling THEM what needed to happen. Then they overcharged me! It took three months to get the whole mess straightened out.

Your kitchen looks great!


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