Sunday, October 19, 2008

Kimball Rides a Bike!

Pardon the fuzzy video quality but this had to be blogged for family history reasons.

Many of you may think that having your 6 yr. old ride a bike is no big deal, but for us it is major! Kimball has been trying to learn for about 3 years now and, for whatever reason, the skill has alluded him. All our attempts have ended in frustration and the older he gets, (and the more of his friends that ride their bikes), the sadder it is.

We happened to be at dinner at our friends' home last week (thanks again Daniels!) when the subject came up and they mentioned a program called "PedalMagic." that teaches a few simple tips that might be of help. So I went home and read up and watched a few online videos to learn more for myself. (If you want the whole program you have to pay for it. I just took the few free tips I could glean from the presses and decided to try those first.)

Anyways, this past Colombus Day we had some extra time and drove to our church parking lot (which is large and flat) to try, yet again, to teach Kimball to ride.

He did it! He actually did it! A few more practices to get the confidence he needs- but we are on our way!

Thanks for the tip Denise and thanks to Pedal Magic!


lisapow said...

Kimball looks so old! He is such a cute boy. Hooray Kimball!!!

holly said...

Awesome! I love when kids learn to fun for him to be able to ride with his friends now.
I LOVE your kitchen. It looks fantastic! I'm impressed you guys did so much yourselves.
BTW---the folder in your picture file (at least, that's what I used :))

Becky said...

Yeah Kimball!!
Your kitchen is beautiful!!

Denise said...

Go Kimball! You're doing great!


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